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  1. Applied for renewal 8/31/19, for 11/1/19 expiration. Active 11/16/19 Received in mail 11/21/19
  2. Applied first day eligible 8/31/19. FOID expires Friday 11/1/19. Still under review. CCL is valid. Worried though, I am traveling to Florida on Friday, ironically for a pistol competition (Flying) with firearm. What is this "QC" that was mentioned in earlier posts?
  3. UN-revoked! Instructors take note, keep ISP informed of NRA Credential renewals! Also, if you have friends that are instructors and don't check out IL Carry, call them and let them know whats going on! Thats how I found out, friend let me know! Talked to Molly B and Todd V and they are on it!
  4. Any one answer my question as to whether they were aware of this requirement prior to today?
  5. bobapunk, hope you get it straightened out. Only consolation is it appears instructors I respect did not know about this either! Just don't get why they want to screw with the "good guys", seams they should be busy enough with real problems!
  6. WTR that's a good idea! have already made Todd aware!
  7. With ISP? Just faxed them a copy! Hopefully they fix it quickly, because I have a class on Sunday. If there is no know mechanism in place for updating them then that tells me they didn't let anyone know they had to do this!!!
  8. Anyone recall seeing this requirement. If I missed it...then my bad! However I never recall seeing anything tell me that I had to update ISP when I renewed my NRA credentials!
  9. Friend and fellow instructor called to ask if I knew my instructor creds had been revoked? Did not know that! Called ISP and it was because the NRA credentials I sent them with application have an expiration date and I renewed before they expired but did not up date with ISP. Never occurred to me that they would just revoke without checking. My bad! Edited to add: To update your instructor credentials with the ISP, email a scan of your new credentials to: ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov. Be sure to ask for verification of receipt. Molly B.
  10. Wife just called, mine was in the mail! Applied 12/18 approved 02/27/14, live just north of Ottawa!
  11. The anticipation is worse than Christmas as a kid....OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but still looking forward to its arrival!
  12. Norway Arms, LLC Sheridan, IL. Dealer, Transfers, Consignments and Training. Cell:847 344-1720 email: john@norwayarms.com
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