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  1. Anyone know of a firearm defense friendly lawyer in central illinois? Been Talking with a few, they are firearm friendly but lack indepth knowledge to answer all my questions.
  2. I have carried (except at work) for about a month and the only time I came to a zone was gonig in my bank. Keep in mind if you look at the zones the whole purpose to to keep "possible" confrontation, which you should avoid anyway, from happening.
  3. Molly, I got mine and Kudo's, it is great. I first opened the packet it and went through everything and you all so condensed what I put together by over half. It is great, love how you set it up to be taught as the class dictates by what you want to do first. Well worth the money. Massad really summoned up a lot in the short time, compared to some older video's a lot of information there. Thanks again and great quality.
  4. From What I interpret the ruling, Citizens of the state shall not have there 2nd amendment right infringed, they have a right to defense outside the home as well as in. However, it is strongly urged they have training. In a nut shell, it reaffirms the F.C.C.A. The court stood up and behind the 2nd amendment, but same time realized that they have an "obligation" to public safety as well. As far as minor, the U.S. code as well as state law spell's it out as well as statute for gang members and firearms.
  5. Done and filed and passed on to others. I cannt make the springfield meeting, much to my dissatisfaction, but I will make it to other. thank you all for standing with me for the defense of not our gun rights but "ALL" our rights!!
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