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  1. A better idea may be a “Console Vault”. I’ve installed these in my last three SUVs. It’s very easy to do. As with any other option it won’t stop a determined thief with enough time, but may stop a smash and grab event.
  2. I just sent an email expressing my disappointment in their recent decision to no longer ship to Chicago (I'm actually getting what I guess will be my last shipment in several days). Not expecting it to amount to anything since I guess they're doing well enough without Chicago business but I felt better having vented somewhat. I don't understand the decision especially seeing that I've been doing business with them for almost two years.
  3. I think their website needs to be updated. I got an order shipped to Chicago last week and have been ordering through them for over a year. FYI the delay time from placement of order to delivery has increased quite a bit recently.
  4. Thanks to the OP and others for this thread. I recently renewed my NRA credentials and emailed a scan to the ISP. Just received confirmation that they updated my profile. Took 9 days from when I sent them, so not too shabby.
  5. but then they couldn't collect the renewal fee.
  6. Not just you. I get a warning do not hotlink. I use Comcast. I'm using firefox Just worked for me on Firefox. No warning. Used this link: http://www.handgunlaw.us/
  7. Welcome aboard mandoguy. I don't have the answer, but someone here will.
  8. That's my question as well. Will the IC curriculum get it's own number that all of us who follow this curriculum can use?
  9. Some discussion at TTAG: http://www.thetrutha...me/#more-256063 and more at Volokh: http://www.volokh.com/category/guns/
  10. I sent in a check for the CLIC package but didn't think to order the certificates. Can we do this at any time and in the same manner, i.e., check or PayPal?
  11. More wait: MINUTE entry before Honorable Virginia M. Kendall:Status hearing held on 10/26/2011. Fact Discovery ordered closed by 4/20/2012. Dispositive motions with supporting memoranda due by 7/13/2012. Responses due by 8/10/2012. Replies due by 8/24/2012. Ruling will be made by mail. Status hearing set for 4/23/2012 at 09:00 AM. to inform the Court if the parties would like to engage in settlement negotiations. Defendant's oral motion to answer the complaint by 11/16/2011 is granted. The Court denies the entry of a preliminary injunction by the plaintiff.Advised in open court notice (tsa, ) (Entered: 10/26/2011)
  12. Can the decision not to moot be appealed? If so, when does the process terminate?
  13. I think it's likely that the City will ask for en banc review ... I don't think they will but who knows. If asking for en banc review was being considered should the decision go against the city, I don't think they would have hurried to get in the new ordinance allowing ranges. In fact, passing the new ordinance could possibly now weaken their case. Part of their argument was that ranges were dangerous. Now they've in effect conceded that maybe they may not be quite as dangerous as we said earlier. If they were smart they would go back and bring the new ordinance into accordance with the recent decision and avoid future litigation. Of course the catch here may be the "if they were smart" part.
  14. The court's decision is a nice read. Chicago gets a well deserved spanking. May there be many more!
  15. All isn't lost ming. I've been calling Madigan's offices for about 5 years and they actually talk to me now. Sometimes it just takes a little while to get the point across Lang has actually answered several of my emails. However, he stopped when I asked him to become a cosponsor on HB0148.
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