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  1. Your right, FOID # plus last two of year issued. Didn't notice that before. Even more reason to get rid of the FOID card.
  2. I just had a conversation with 3 managers at the Vernon Hills Sams Club where the same signs have appeared on their doors. He states this has been mandated by the regional office. However, he had no idea that it would effect all people. He only thought it affected employees and vendors. I explained the issue to him. But he states he doesn't have the authority to change or take down the signs; it must be from corporate.
  3. Thanks to all involved. $160 sent through paypal. As a professional training engineer, I appreciate the work all of you have done. As a general rule, the total time involved for developing a proper training curriculum will range from 10-40 hours of work for every 1 hour of class material. All of this for $150 and a special video by Massad Ayoob, = Priceless!
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