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  1. it's okay, it makes me feel good to know that my 6 bucks is going to be spent wisely........
  2. well, got my renewal ENVELOPE in the mail yesterday, which was supposed to contain my FOID card...... nothing there. i made several attempts today to contact ISP to no avail......(not shocked) I just paid the 6 bucks to get a lost/stolen replacement, figured it was the easiest way to solve this stupid problem.
  3. Brother looking for FFL near IL IN border. has a gun at hammond cabelas, looking for FFL immediately. thanks in advance
  4. I just want to be clear and triple-check this: as long as we renew before exipiration.....and as long as our status is "active", our card is still good beyond expiration date, yes?
  5. I'm out 60 days. expired yesterday. Instructor credentials with fingerprints first time around.
  6. mine expired yesterday (03/08) I renewed on jan 8th. I'm still under review. I have instructor credentials. still waiting.
  7. Good to hear man. thanks buddy. double green lantern shooters at the people that kept us from this for so long! raise a glass
  8. finally 12/18 app #407 approved early last week. postmark mar 5th arrived chicago mail box today. presently holstered.
  9. Super!!!! Excellent!!! I just received my CLIC today, and just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who worked on this!
  10. this is great!!! I am going out to my truck to grab my iphone 5 and download this app! superb!!!!
  11. NRA Pistol instructors will be given the endorsement by the ISP. This curriculum is designed to provide 8 hours of training specifically addressing what is required by law concerning state and federal statues and range qualification. this answers my question. so i add/mix this to the existing 8hr nra basic... excellent, excellent, excellent!!!! you guys are the best. thanks for all your hard work. You'll be seeing my check in the mail friday or monday! take care, Bj
  12. So, basically.... we'd have to figure out which parts of the city have the largest concentration of sex offenders in order to predict the possible locations for ranges......
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