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  1. A better idea may be a “Console Vault”. I’ve installed these in my last three SUVs. It’s very easy to do. As with any other option it won’t stop a determined thief with enough time, but may stop a smash and grab event.
  2. Besides the G17 and G19 for carry, you may also want to consider the G45 (also in 9mm), especially if you have larger hands. Same barrel length as the G19 but with the G17 size grip. It's a sweet shooter.
  3. I just sent an email expressing my disappointment in their recent decision to no longer ship to Chicago (I'm actually getting what I guess will be my last shipment in several days). Not expecting it to amount to anything since I guess they're doing well enough without Chicago business but I felt better having vented somewhat. I don't understand the decision especially seeing that I've been doing business with them for almost two years.
  4. I think their website needs to be updated. I got an order shipped to Chicago last week and have been ordering through them for over a year. FYI the delay time from placement of order to delivery has increased quite a bit recently.
  5. Thanks to the OP and others for this thread. I recently renewed my NRA credentials and emailed a scan to the ISP. Just received confirmation that they updated my profile. Took 9 days from when I sent them, so not too shabby.
  6. but then they couldn't collect the renewal fee.
  7. Not just you. I get a warning do not hotlink. I use Comcast. I'm using firefox Just worked for me on Firefox. No warning. Used this link: http://www.handgunlaw.us/
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