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  1. My local gun club just got a request for more donations from the ISRA. After a brief discussion, their reply will be: "In light of recent events, we are taking a NEUTRAL stance on your request for more money at this time."
  2. Proof once again: "No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session." Gideon J. Tucker & Mark Twain
  3. Good updates, Mauser. The shenanigans are an ILGA specialty.
  4. If y'all haven't read the amicus brief by Zanotti, Umholtz, et al, you should. Is a powerful presentation.
  5. Fine work Kevin - as always!! Are there any motivated activists in the non sanctuary counties who want to take up the cause? If so, shoot a PM and we'll get you started. JJW
  6. No, it's completely spontaneous, and up to folks living in or near there. Once word starts spreading it usually grows rapidly.
  7. For those inquiring what a sanctuary represents, I hope this clarifies some things. SteveTA posted it in the Backroom, but this will allow open access in a related topic thread: https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/gun-sanctuaries-what-they-are-aren-t-and-will-be?fbclid=IwAR0SIyVI00jNei_7yws1VDrTDs5W3lAMA1WoTqKqKJW659FvjADQmwqOujU
  8. I have seen cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL. I have not seen any cases of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID. I would very much like to see the specifics if you can share in a private message. Will do. I'll try to get copies and email them to you.
  9. If the ISRA hadn't been asleep *for five YEARS* the revelations of $28,000,000 missing from the FOID/CCL/FSF would have been a pertinent inclusion to the case, plus the outrageous scheme of expired FOID = REVOKED CCL = RETROACTIVELY REVOKED FOID!!!
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