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  1. Apply for tour carry license then contact molly b on here. I have a student who had a felony and he got his carry lucense with some help. No court, no extra Money Just the right help from a sweet Little gal in SE Illinois.
  2. So now what? We need to,get a may,issue case to scotus
  3. Didn't scotus turn down hearing this case back this winter or spring?
  4. I am having trouble getting mngmnt feom paris wally to call me back. They have the sign that aceoss the t op p says it only applies to employees. We got the ones in champaing down but cant get paris down
  5. I've been using an excell spread sheet but it's done per class. I'm just going to add boxes to say live fire check, proof of prior 8 check, legal material check and so on. I'm not going to the moon for these people since they can't put two coherent sentences together in their stupid rules. I wish the people writing this crap would come and take a full 16 so they might have a slightest bit clue of what .... they're talking about and how "it" affects us. Geez us it's like hurdling cats
  6. Oh ya i remember him posting that, eben if private info is redacted?
  7. So now we do have to keep dd214s. Boy i have a lot of phone calls to make
  8. I still don't think the sign at our Wally World is right since it looks like it is prohibited but when you get up close it says only applies to employees. That is misguiding unless people get right up to it
  9. Why is illinois seem to be the only state that wally puts up these signs saying no carry but only applies to employees? Also why do they trust their employees when theyre off duty,but will punish them for carry on duty? Im not going to get worked up on the wallmart thing,just would like a logical explation. PS, i cant typ on my phone to good
  10. I agree bury it deep and shut your damn mouths guys! The only people who even think about this stuff is those of us who carry which is a very tiny minority and those who are foaming at the mouth anti who are an even smaller fraction of a minority.
  11. Our walmart is posted but if you look close it says in small letters that it only applies to on duty staff
  12. Todd are you guys filing suit over this? Everone knows they did this on purpose with malicous intent.
  13. I'll be rolling out my payment for the curriculum once I get my packet and know everything is peachy. Could one of the instructors involved in putting it together give a description of what exactly does Mass cover in the dvd? Does he do every bit of the legal stuff or just justified use of force?
  14. Could someone please provide the cliff notes version in English of what this opinion handed down means? Was the defendant on his own property or a friends property at the time of the stop and that is why it doesn't affect carrying in public without a license? I just can't get my head around this case
  15. 10-4 I'm deciding whether to order this and go get my prints done next week or just wait till Friday to make sure we can see all of this in black and white on the isp site. I still don't trust Madigan any further than I can throw him regardless of what they're telling you in the meetings.
  16. On the certificate where it says "issued at" what do you put there just the name of the club or facility where the class was done like on a basic pistol certificate?
  17. And they know that, it's all by design. You guys are doing good though and we're going to cost all these little towns a fortune when we sue their butts off and win.
  18. Lol it still gives you butterflies when you see a carry bill posted but you don't have to read very far to figure out its not the one. I just hope we can get negotiations done in time to pass it through one chamber or the other before igold but I doubt they will since deadline for appeal to scotus isn't until march something,
  19. I'll tell ya something else that is weird on the viewing side of embedded youtube vids. In this thread there's several posted and none of them will load so I can view them. Yet in a thread in RTC forum Molly posted an embedded video that I can view just fine.
  20. Sorry I never did this before. Drylok 110 Rep Rose 55 Sen Righter
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