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  1. I strongly urge you to go back to court and get this stricken from your supervision. This one size fits all penalty is not justified for traffic supervision. I had my firearm restriction rescinded immediately. It did not stop the state police from revoking my foid card 6 months later.
  2. The thought of them taking up to one year to review my appeal just blows my mind. I do not want to miss next year's hunting season over a traffic violation. Was it stupid, yes. Do I deserve to lose my gun rights, no. Lesson learned, check. Does my butt still hurt after forking over the cash, yes very much so.
  3. Also I have a professional medical license and wanted to maintain a clean record and did not want any convictions(other than petty traffic) of any nature on my record. I thought the supervision was the way to go, as they withhold judgment and do not enter a guilty verdict if you complete the supervision.
  4. The maximum punishment was UP TO ONE YEAR (not exceeding) in jail and $2500 fine. By the time it was all said and done my fines were $3300 including the cost of court supervision. The only reason I wanted the court supervision was to maintain a clean driving record and not let my insurance companies claim that I was high risk and sky rocket my insurance. Never been convicted of any other crimes with the exception of minor traffic tickets including speeding, seat belt, etc. Keep in mind I hadn't had a ticket in almost a decade. I think what gave them the power to revoke my foid card was the court order stating that I not possess firearms during that period. Which was ONLY INITIAL, my lawyer had that order rescinded ASAP. The DA and the judge did not have any problems doing so, since the crime was non violent in nature. What really irks me is they revoked my foid after I had the motion filed for months on record. The only reason it came to their attention was the attempt to purchase a new fiream legally.
  5. I am not sure why they can't see that motion for me to own firearms was granted, if they can see that I'm on court supervision?
  6. It sounds like the ISP yanked your FOID but didn't ask for you to surrender your firearms, is that correct? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk They didn't ask me to do anything until I tried to buy the new gun in march. My foid was intact for approx 6 months while being on supervision. It's like the only reason the ISP revoked my foid because the NICS check notified them that I was on supervision.(even though the motion was already granted stating that I am able to own firearms) That's when the foid was revoked, and they did send a firearms disposition which I completed and turned into local law enforcement.
  7. Reckless driving. The violation didn't hinder my rights to own guns. The court supervision that I agreed to, did. I have been on court supervision for other traffic offenses and this was never a problem. The court supervision I got for speeding tickets was usually 3-6 months. The reckless driving supervision is 24 months. But it beats a huge hike in insurance costs.
  8. I've done this already myself. Would there be any advantage of having my lawyer send it? This was in Marion county. Southern Illinois. If you have already done this, I would go back to the judge and let him know the ISP has not reinstated your FOID and ask for an order compelling ISP to comply immediately. Ok do I need to return to my lawyer to do this? Or is this something I can do on my own and save some money?
  9. I've done this already myself. Would there be any advantage of having my lawyer send it? This was in Marion county. Southern Illinois.
  10. It was actually the generic court supervision paperwork. One of the guidelines on the court supervision was to "not possess firearms or dangerous weapons" along those lines. I did not realize that initially when I agreed to do the court supervision to keep my driving record clean. I immediately had my lawyer file a motion to strike that part of the supervision. It was granted, which was great because I am an avid hunter. The motion was granted about 7 months ago. No problems until I tried to buy a new gun for turkey season.
  11. I am currently on court supervision for a traffic violation. My initial court supervision did say that I was unable to possess firearms during my supervision period.(did not realize this until I got home and read it) My attorney made a motion to strike that part of the supervision which was granted. I attempted to purchase a new gun and was denied by NICS check. A few days later to my surprise I checked the mail and my foid card had been revoked. You would think if the state police can see you are on court supervision, they can also see that your motion to own firearms has been granted. Apparently that is not the case. I have made an appeal. Any idea on how long it will take them to process? It couldn't be any clearer for them to see I am not restricted in anyway.
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