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  1. Looking to see if Armored car companies are on the exempt list.
  2. As much as I understand it may take a couple days. But I may not have those days considering the bill is in effect now. I have to carry for work and I have no idea what is legal and what is not.
  3. Just what the title says. Looking for a plain language summary the ASW ban and mag ban bill.
  4. At this time is there any information on the carve outs to this bill? Law enforcement, armed security etc?
  5. Shaking hands with people that aren't there is a pretty good sign he is suffering dementia. When a person needs flash cards to remember where to sit and what to say. He is suffering from dementia. Only someone fully invested in the cult thinks otherwise.
  6. Simple question. How do we ever get the FOID card infringement in a federal court? Given the Bruen case I can't see the FOID surviving a federal court challenge. I am not a lawyer. I don't even play one on TV,
  7. No. It isn't who votes. It is who counts the votes. Someone earlier said best. The courts will kill the FOID long before a Republican majority does. Don't hold your breath for either.
  8. Okay. I am going to ask an honest question. I have tried to read through this thread but I not clear on it. When will you get the new card. When you renew? Or is everyone getting a new card regardless of expiration date. If everyone is getting a new card, when will this happen?
  9. My original post is a typo. The expiration date is 2-1-20 Not too concerned with local management. Corporate I don't have much faith in right now. Taking an involuntary vacation because of a corporate lawyer is not something I want to endure.
  10. I will have issues at work if my FOID isn't renewed on time. I really don't need the hassle.
  11. My Foid expires on 2-1-19. I started the renewal process on 11-24-19 Since I don't want to get jammed up on my CCL by my FOID expiring and I have to have a valid FOID for work. When should I start emailing and calling my State reps? I really shouldn't have to worry about this but I don't need the hassle of an expired FOID
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