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  1. Simple question. How do we ever get the FOID card infringement in a federal court? Given the Bruen case I can't see the FOID surviving a federal court challenge. I am not a lawyer. I don't even play one on TV,
  2. No. It isn't who votes. It is who counts the votes. Someone earlier said best. The courts will kill the FOID long before a Republican majority does. Don't hold your breath for either.
  3. Okay. I am going to ask an honest question. I have tried to read through this thread but I not clear on it. When will you get the new card. When you renew? Or is everyone getting a new card regardless of expiration date. If everyone is getting a new card, when will this happen?
  4. My original post is a typo. The expiration date is 2-1-20 Not too concerned with local management. Corporate I don't have much faith in right now. Taking an involuntary vacation because of a corporate lawyer is not something I want to endure.
  5. I will have issues at work if my FOID isn't renewed on time. I really don't need the hassle.
  6. My Foid expires on 2-1-19. I started the renewal process on 11-24-19 Since I don't want to get jammed up on my CCL by my FOID expiring and I have to have a valid FOID for work. When should I start emailing and calling my State reps? I really shouldn't have to worry about this but I don't need the hassle of an expired FOID
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