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  1. Yes good luck Molly !!! Things need to turn around and change, this is ridiculous for a misdemeanor and a proven non aggressive track record 18 years later and the only thing on my rap sheet , you would think the record speaks for itself, if there was time served I would of had no problem.. CRAZY
  2. I'm hanging Just thought I would go for the expungement While I was waiting on the Supreme Court ruling mentioned above by Molly From reading around the forum I do appreciate what is here And trust in the words of Molly
  3. I plead guilty of a false charge of domestic battery Because I was begged it to fight it she couldn't handle a trial It was conditional discharged So I am hoping the charge was down graded to battery I won't know until I get the court papers tomorrow before I have to appear in court But what I'm looking for is an answer to the question If this case ended before January 1 98 I could have my FOID reinstated
  4. My court date is tomorrow, and I have been speaking with a lawyer in which he said "As long as the conviction date was before January 1, 1998, you should be able to get your FOID Card reinstated" does anybody know why if it happened before the date that I HAVE a chance? also, this is an expungement hearing can I bring this up at my case ? ​Im doing this myself so its a little foggy for me on what I can and can not do at this hearing
  5. Is there any update on this case? I filed for expungment and have a hearing Jan 6th and as expected, I received letters from ISP and State attorney to deny
  6. it is unconstitutional ! , I think I will try and get it expunged waiting for the Supreme court sounds like a long wait much appreciated advice ... thanks everyone
  7. I just wanted to make it clear that this was a false charge, I never touched her.. so was mad because it was boys night out and she didn't want me to go... and called the police to stop me... it was a he said she said thing , even the police told me I would be out in an hour , not to worry about it this happened on a Friday and the next thing I knew I was in front of a judge Monday morning for a bond hearing It was a class A misdemeanor when I called the court house and talked with the clerk the first time I asked her if I could get it expunged and she said yes the next time I called she told me that she wasn't able to give legal advice, so that confused me this is the only violent charge on record nothing even close I am not a violent person I just want my right to bear arms ! Im think that my best course of action would be to what Moly B suggested and in the mean time is to collect records and find out exactly what happened 18 years ago police records and court ... I appreciate the reply's and any more suggestions Thanks everyone I just wanted to toss this in here , I saw where people were having a hard time finding this form and I cant find how to upload it Request for Investigation and Waiver Liability https://ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/FOID/Investigation.pdf
  8. Hi all, recently I had my Revoked FOID revoked for a domestic battery charge in 1997 (sad day) about a year ago I applied for my foid and recieved it ! they give it and took it away I was under they impression that my charge went away ( it was a false charge as it was ) but as it stand the police get a call and you go, I called the court house to see what the out come was since it was so long ago and they told me it was conditional discharge satisfactory I went through a series of anger management classes what would be my best route or is there even away to get my FOID back ? should I appeal or try and get the charge expunged ? I am on a limited buget but the return of my FOID would be priceless I am so glad I found this site, as one member stated as I started to read that they felt sorry for people who have been revoked and did not know they had options BTW the date on the revoke is 8/31/15 if there is a time limit
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