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  1. Its amazing that these guys would press forward knowing full well they may be jeopardizing the better good with a stronger case? Can't we get some 2A legal eagles to get these groups together to talk about strategy, without the egos? Which gets me thinking, what is to stop a scenario where a Soros backed gun grabber legal firm files a case against gun arms legislation with the purposeful intent of torpedoing the case in an effort to sabotage the legal landscape against us? I mean if guys on our side are doing it out of stupidity, what is stopping a smart Anti from intentionally doing the same?
  2. Hmm, what about the Dan Wesson multi-barrel 357 and 44 Mag kit's with the threaded barrels necessary to lock them down?
  3. Let me reemphasize: The guidance here has been to avoid pointing out flaws in this legislation.
  4. I guess the moral of this story is, if Illinois passes laws that breach our Constitutional Rights, it's up to every single citizen to individually challenge the bad law to get their rights restored. I don't get most of this legal mumbo jumbo, but it seems outrageous that if a law is found unconstitutional, that it's not TOTALLY and IMMEDIATELY stricken. This nonsense that a unconstitutional law can only adversely effect ONE person and Only this ONE person is allowed a remedy, sounds utterly retarded.
  5. My instructor offered to do the paperwork for a couple of different states, and had all of the packets ready, and finger print cards. Perhaps that's what he was referring to.
  6. Yeah, I'm following, but the fact that they think restricting a right by a licensing scheme is OK, simply because the fee is reasonable in exchange for the cost of the license itself is mind numbing. That's like saying it's OK for the government to charge a mandatory fee to tattoo a barcode on your forehead, if the fee is roughly inline with the cost of the damn tattoo. What the h e l l does that have to do with the core loss of Constitutionally GUARANTEED Rights?
  7. I don't get it. They are simply saying that due to receiving an ID card worth the approximate value of the fee, that it's OK to restrict a Constitutional Right? OK, where are Mandatory REAL Voter Cards? And what about Freedom of Speech cards? Do we now need to register for every frigging right we have? What a cluster.
  8. Why don't you let the Step Son Deputy hold the rifle until things can get sorted? Once surrendered, it can be tough to reclaim.
  9. Fwiw, I got a letter yesterday about my FOID expiring, and I when online right away and did the renewal process quite easily. Now the wait for the card.
  10. The courts don't give a crap about what their actions and in-actions cause? No doubt, they just opened a can of worms, but don't count on any enforcement changes. They don't care either. Nor do the legislators. None of these arse whoo's have personal skin or financial interest in the matter. They can play games all day long on the tax payers tab. This thing is not over by a long shot, but the can has gotten kicked for sure.
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