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  1. I think it's clear how they are doing it. The point is, if the CCL is essentially a significant upgrade to the FOID, then the issued card should read "Concealed Carry License" on the banner to clearly identify the distinction to all parties, including those out of state. I have no problem with the consolidation, but with that logic, anyone with a CCL automatically must have a FOID, so the FOID should be presumed, not the other way around. Imho, these arsehats did this on purpose to make the CCL less noticeable and prominent so that we would be more prone to hassles in those regions unfamiliar with Illinois legislative manipulation.
  2. So, I moved recently, and like a good little soldier, I went online and did the COA for my FOID and CCL. Kind of irritating the $80 fee they want, but I guess what do you do? So, on the 23rd, I receive the new FOID. On the 24th I receive another FOID? Both across the top banner say STATE OF ILLINOIS - FIREARM OWNER'S ID CARD. I chalk it up to a mix up of some sort. It then says in small print the FOID number, an AL number, and then a CCL indicator. The only single different between both cards is the AL number is slightly off, but otherwise identical. So, I'm waiting for the CCL and yesterday I finally login and it says the FOID was issued on 3/15 and the CCL on 3/16. WTH? So I shoot them an email and tell them they made a mistake and sent 2 FOIDs. They say the second FOID card is my CCL. That they combined the cards and that tiny little CCL on the FOID is your card. For the kind of money these Bozo's are charging, we can't even get an official CCL CARD that clearly has a banner that reads CONCEALED CARRY LICENCE anymore? WTH is with that? I mean what other state is going to recognize that? Ridiculous. Imho, if you get approved for a CCL, and they want to combine them, you should get a CONCEALED CARRY LICENCE with the FOID in the fine print as an afterthought. This is total BS!
  3. Any other entity on the face of the planet would get SUED for FRAUD.
  4. Yeah well, I want an extension on the credit card charge until they process the damn registration.
  5. Didn't they say the expired FOID's are good for 18 months? Sure seems they are working hard to push it to the limit. Imho, if they give my my damn money back and cancel my renewal, I'd gladly reapply to get this fast track. How retarded.
  6. After waiting 470 days now, this is mind numbing. Why in the heck would they be putting priority on renewals off the NEW frigging systems before getting caught up with the OLD damn system. Bunch of F'ing morons.
  7. Lol, that ain't nothing. When you get to 18 months, let us know.
  8. I am holding classes for George Parsons students this weekend in Spring Valley, no charge. There will be more classes next month. I know George and I don't know if he is guilty or not. I am doing this for the students, there are over 300. This stuff makes all of us look bad. If anyone wants to help please PM me. Bravo Sir! That's mighty thoughtful of you.
  9. I guess the moral of this story is, if Illinois passes laws that breach our Constitutional Rights, it's up to every single citizen to individually challenge the bad law to get their rights restored. I don't get most of this legal mumbo jumbo, but it seems outrageous that if a law is found unconstitutional, that it's not TOTALLY and IMMEDIATELY stricken. This nonsense that a unconstitutional law can only adversely effect ONE person and Only this ONE person is allowed a remedy, sounds utterly retarded.
  10. My instructor offered to do the paperwork for a couple of different states, and had all of the packets ready, and finger print cards. Perhaps that's what he was referring to.
  11. It looks like the guy was pointing the microphone as if it was a gun. Cops have shot people for mistaking a cellphone for a gun. They should make a law requiring all long barreled microphones with shrouds to have orange colored tips. Was it a shotgun mic? Booooo! LOL
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