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  1. Any other entity on the face of the planet would get SUED for FRAUD.
  2. Yeah well, I want an extension on the credit card charge until they process the damn registration.
  3. Didn't they say the expired FOID's are good for 18 months? Sure seems they are working hard to push it to the limit. Imho, if they give my my damn money back and cancel my renewal, I'd gladly reapply to get this fast track. How retarded.
  4. After waiting 470 days now, this is mind numbing. Why in the heck would they be putting priority on renewals off the NEW frigging systems before getting caught up with the OLD damn system. Bunch of F'ing morons.
  5. My FOID renewal is somewhere near 470 days. Not a single inquiry or email has been returned. It's funny that they had no delay whatsoever excepting the payment immediately. Isn't that considered FRAUD when you pay for a product and service and you don't receive? So when I see these stats claiming ~200 days, all I can say is that's total BS.
  6. Hopefully an Anti, Liberal extinguisher.
  7. But wait? I thought you media types were supposed to fully vet and verify the facts to ensure accurate and unbiased reporting?
  8. Lol, that ain't nothing. When you get to 18 months, let us know.
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