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  1. BigTexOutdoors, Brownells, BoneFrogGunClub (on the list btw), Bud's Gun Shop, TopGunSupply, AmmoSupplyWareHouse ship 15 Rd mags to Chicago. Don't know about more than 15 tho.
  2. www.ammofreedom.com is a lost-cause. www.midwayusa.com doesn't even allow you to place an order for 9mm, .357 mag, and certain other handgun calibers I forget. Might as well take them off the list and become a lost-cause.
  3. Applied: 08/11/2021 Active: 09/17/2021 I mailed in a letter on 09/14/21 according to instructions by Molly B, requesting a hearing due to ISP exceeding the 30 day deadline by law. I'm sure that expedited my application.
  4. How does one go about sending a letter to the ISP director, regarding delayed FOID wait time? Is it a pen and paper type thing, or should it be typed? What info needs to be given? I pretty much need the basics. Thanks.
  5. Lost Causes: Recoilgunworks.com Sharkcoasttactical.com Outdoorlimited.com
  6. Good To Go: Trueshotgunclub.com Lost Causes: Weaponspro.com Canoeclubusa.com Buckinghorseoutpost.com Ammo.com Alamoammo.com
  7. Thanks. I'm prob gonna do all 3, just to be extra proactive. Is there like an average time of e-mailing the director that people see results? Like for example, on average 1 week after sending in letter to the isp director, people go active? Or no?
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