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  1. What about the seller? Does the buyer have to provide that info? I remember it being just name, dob, and foid number.I can’t see why that would be necessary. FOID number and DOB is enough for ISP approval. Then compare foid card to approval during transaction to verify everything is correct and they are who they have claimed to be.
  2. Yes it’s the 2020 version optics ready and has the 17 round magazines. No I have not tried posting here yet.
  3. So for about a week Ive been trying to sell an HK VP9 on Armslist. I bought it new about 6 months ago and didnt really care for the paddle style mag release. Anyways I decided to try and sell on Armslist and have had some strange inquiries. Ive had several people want to meet same day that didnt want to wait 72 hours. Ive had others that blatantly told me they dont have a FOID and when I respond so youre asking me to commit a felony they quit responding. Then today I get someone who aggressively requires a photo of my ID and FOID which after some of these strange messages from other people I was apprehensive to present them with that information. That also prompted me to ask here if providing my address and all my information is required. Then just a short while ago I get a retired police officer that was interested and sends me a photo of his license and a retired police officer concealed carry permit. He requests a picture of my ID and I felt comfortable sending to what appears to be a retired cop so I did. He responds with dont you have a license? I felt this was a strange question and not sure why its his businesss. I respond honestly anyways by saying no I have a permit and a breathalyzer for the next few months because I made a poor decision driving years ago. I ask if thats an issue? He responds with yes bud, whats your ssn? Now hes claiming I obviously stole my own firearm. Im a little curious and nervous what the heck is going on. Im done trying to sell on Armslist this has been a horrible experience. Also what the heck is going on? What did I miss? Is there some new law that a DUI prohibits me from having a foid? Anyways Im done with Armslist, this has been a horrible experience.
  4. I understand that but a bill of sale or private transfer on ISP is only asking for the sellers name and then I’ve seen foid # included but not address and DL numbers I can’t see why anyone would need that.
  5. I was just curious if a seller has any obligation to provide all of their information such as address and photo of foid/ID to a buyer when doing a private sale. Maybe Im strange but for some reason Im somewhat skeptical giving my address out to some random person online that Ive never met. Is this necessary and am I concerned about something I shouldnt be?
  6. Stew45

    9mm Ammo

    My local range is selling 124 grain Speer Lawman for $50 a box and people were paying it without batting an eye when I was there this past Saturday. I watched 1 guy come in and buy 10 boxes of that and 6 boxes of Federal .40 s&w for $860 plus tax!!!
  7. Just went active today, exactly 30 days from when I submitted my application.
  8. I had posted before asking a question about first offended probation for some poor decisions I made when I was 18 and the charges were eventually dismissed. Anyways I applied on 7/23 with the expectation I might have to submit a records appeal if denied. Then yesterday I check status through inspect element and it finally says qc verified. I go ahead and check inspect element again this afternoon and it says approved. I'm assuming that's good or at least I hope that means background checks have been completed and that I am in fact approved. Will post updates as now I am excited and will probably check the site multiple times a day.
  9. Back in 2005 I was 18 and made some poor choices. I was charged with burglary for taking beer from a garage fridge with some friends and ended up on chapter 20 probation like a first offender probation where once you complete everything all charges are dismissed. Anyways I successfully completed probation and went back to court with my attorney and the original judgement was vacated so for about 10 years now everything has shown that charges were dismissed. Since 2005 I have had nothing on my record besides some traffic violations. I'm curious if anyone has ever been through a probation similar to this and if you were able to obtain your foid card. I only applied about 2 weeks ago now and assume if I am denied I would have to appeal and file for a records update with my paperwork from the court house. Any help would be greatly appreciated especially if anyone has been through something similar or know of someone that was able to do so.
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