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  1. Yes it was in cook county. Any advice on the appeal letter I received with denial letter? Any lawyers on here that I could hire?
  2. I applied on August 2 2020 and I received a denial letter today. It came with paperwork to appeal it I guess. I thought I had 2 25-30yr old felonies but the letter only showing one, I think. Do I have a chance for appeal? What should I write on the appeal letter? Id like an attorney to help to make faster and easier if I have a chance.
  3. Yes it’s a first time application. It says under review.
  4. Im at just short of 6 months now waiting for a food card. I called a state rep and he was no help. Should I call a lawyer? Not sure if Molly could help me, or just keep waiting. Any advice?
  5. its a foid application and it says 30 days on foid page.
  6. https://abc7chicago.com/illinois-foid-card-application-ford-2020-register/6374352/
  7. So I'm still waiting patiently, its been 35 days since I submitted my application. I tried the inspect element and if I'm reading it correctly it says "submitted" as my status. So I came across an article about this and it said there's a 148% increase in applications since last year, State police received 25,359 6/19 and 62,823 6/20 and the state police are saying its averaging 70 days. It said there's 42 different checks they go through to issue a card or deny.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. No I don’t remember if they were felonies. 1 was a drug charge and the other I believe was some kind of theft but they were not violent, and in cook county Illinois. I can’t believe I can’t remember many details. Haven’t thought much about this over the years. No trouble since then not even a speeding ticket. It’s been 3 weeks today since I applied so I’ll just wait and see what they say. And then go from there.
  9. I'm curious about 20+ year old felonies. I posted a couple a weeks ago that I've applied for my card but have a record from 30yrs ago. I'm not 100% sure if they're felonies so I applied to see what would happen. I'm still waiting for an answer but, it was mentioned in a reply to my post that anything over 20 years shouldn't hold me up on getting card. So my question is, has anyone received a foid card without having to appeal that had something on there record from that long ago.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I get it without to much trouble.
  11. They arrests were in Chicago 30 yrs ago. Nothing violent and clean record ever since. I read somewhere that Illinois has a 20yr rule on felony’s, might be bs though I don’t know. But can I hire a lawyer and get this done faster?
  12. Yeah I probably should have but it’s to late now. After reading some posts on this forum it’s seems I have options to appeal it. 30yr old cases and I’m still being punished for. Can I hire a lawyer to get this done?
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