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  1. A business that I would be concerned about is one that sell alcoholic beverages who are mandated by statute. The statute also mandates a penalty. I believe it is a travesty of justice if this statute prevented armed security on the property. I am interested in others opinions on this.
  2. Just helped a lady apply on line to renew a 10 year old card. When she created for the first time a log in with password the software stopped, directing her to call in to be able to use her new log in info. What is with the state police?
  3. I resenting looked for info on the Fed judges ruling in Cook County Preserve. I checked the right topic but did not scroll down far enough to find what I was looking for. At the top was sticky older dated stuff as normal. For the back room I am used to scrolling way down to find current post. Do new people scroll down or see old dates thinking the forum is inactive. I admit thinking scrolling so much to find current post seems odd.
  4. I have watching this forum to have the below confirmed. The ruling posted as last Monday seeing the below a couple days layer. IL: Gun Ban In Forest Preserve Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules Submitted by: Mark A. Taff Website: http://www.marktaff.com There are no comments on this story Post Comments | Read Comments A state law that bans the concealed carry of firearms in the Cook County Forest Preserve District is unconstitutionally broad, according to a federal judge. U.S. District Judge Robert Dow issued a ruling Monday that found a section of the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act violates the Second Amendment by forbidding people with concealed carry licenses, or CCLs, from carrying guns anywhere in the 70,000-acre forest preserve.
  5. Saddly this is the result of the state police thinking they needed to tighten security. If Molly can not help we are sending people to our locsl state rep office. The girls in the office have a contact at the state police. I do not know if all reps are helping their constituents.
  6. Yes, it is up and running foid renewal people into the ground. We now have three clients this week who tried to renew their foid cards. They had forgotten their log in info. Tried several times using what they thought was might be right. System locked them out requiring a call in. We all know how futile that is. They came to my wife asking for help. Nothing she can do now. She could have gotten in if they had come to her first. Typical government that locks out people with no means provided to unlock them. The calls gets a two hour menu with many multiple choices. This morning my wife suffered through a long menu then waiting on line for 30 minutes just to have system drop the call. This is the government that so many people trust to protect them from crime and sickness.
  7. To talk to an attorney make an appointment. Little chance they will return a call.
  8. Reset for now can be good but don't give up. It still remains a satisfying activity.
  9. One of our clients just received theirs after 17 months.
  10. The two types discussed are single stage and progressive. It is not that simple. A single stage press has one die mounted. First may be a depriming resizing die. You will run all your cases through this set up. Then you may change the die to a powder die or not. A quick change setup is nice. The brass needs to be flared to insert bullet. Without a powder drop you will have to weight each charge then manually dump it into the case. A stand alone powder drop is quick but you handle the case from the press then back to the press.There are electronic scales dribbles a measured load into the case. The single stage requires a die change for each stage. A rotating turret press with multiple die locations is a nice setup. It is very nice for precision load. There is wisdom for going for quality over speed. Reloading is an enjoyable activity in itself. Progressives may index automatically or manually. I do not see manual as an issue. When things do not feel right the auto rotation of the shell holder can be undesirable. If starting with a progressive the above advise to run and complete one cartridge at a time is good advise. With 9mm dropping to the low $20 while components sky high pay back may be distant future. Still fun to shoot your own cartridges.
  11. Teaching truth is what I suggest. I also suggest it takes more than just knowledge about inanimate objects. I suggest there must be a common standard of right and wrong expressed. The only standard I see that respects freewill, open mindedness, respect for others, teaching grace and humility is only found in God's word. There are many philosophies. I chose mine to accept, to learn, to work hard to practice, to recognize when I fail, to keep moving forward.
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