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  1. Practice, practice, practice. Too many do not understand adrenaline makes a New York trigger into a hair trigger. This is why I stick with double action only. Anyone know how to get a big nose of adrenaline dumped into our system during practice. None of my clients with medical degrees had a suggestion.
  2. Common progressive liberal compassion for the violent attacker with strong contempt for the passive innocent victim.
  3. Being an instructor does not qualify one to give a legal interpretation. I do not teach the statutes but merely quote them. I mention use of force as the only time I go off track giving a personal opinion. I will leave even simple answers to the legal experts. You too have a fun Memorial Day weekend.
  4. I am an instructor not a lawyer. I do not interpret the law. I will post a question trusting someone with legal training will give an answer. I have read these statutes many times. Without legal training I will not beat myself up for not putting these dots together. I hope I never give a legal interpretation. I do venture into person opinions making it clear I am not a lawyer. My opinions are directed at statutes if taken at face value gives us laymen the belief we can use force. My opinions come from seminars by lawyers who spent a couple hours explaining that case law does not respect us layman's thoughts. When it comes to use of force, just because you think something is legal, doesn't mean it will be ruled justifiable, don't do it if at possible. Just one man's opinion.
  5. Does the fcca state a penalty for not updating address? Can one update the foid for five dollars without updating the ccl? Hope someone knows.
  6. Hard to respect those in black robes who show contempt for the supreme law of the USA, for life, for liberty and for the right to property. They have the power of the gun but not the right to limit and take our property. They are sworn to protect our rights, not stomp on them.
  7. Conservative believe in law and order. Rules trump anarchy. Rules help guide a civil society. It is hard for a good person to shun what is right and just. Progressives haves no problem rejecting law for violence to bully people into kowtowing to the bully's will. Good people must defend what is right by standing up to bullies.
  8. Hopefully more than one court member is tired of their decisions being dumped on.
  9. I am sure most instructors honor the military exemption. Military guys would be wise to take the first 8hr. We honor the exemptions but see too military guys on the second day with very limited pistol knowledge. We have had seniors that have not touched any gun in decades. Knowledge is power.
  10. Do they want us to play by their rules? Have they considered what that means? Democracy is rule without restraint by the strong stomping on the weak. I will not be the weak.
  11. When the building is used as a church how can it be viewed as "under the control of a public or private elementary or secondary school". Is it not then under the control of the church? Why can it not flip back and forth legally? Me not an attorney is just asking.
  12. Regardless of his mental state he knew right from wrong. He was simple an evil mean little man. No therapy can change that unless he wanted to change. We have too many in power just like him causing death and destruction.
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