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  1. The opinion from: https://www.andrewnickel.com/blog/2021/october/illinois-knife-laws/ "Other legal knives in Illinois include pocket/folding knives, bowie knives, dirks/daggers, swords, machetes, and disguised knives such as belt knives, cane knives, and lipstick knives."
  2. Where did I miss that the ISP has said the ecard is no longer valid once lost card is reported?
  3. I had to search the web finally finding it mentioned then digging deeper. "Self help" Laws limit it. Wisdom does too.
  4. I am under the impression we the victim can not bypass the police and the courts to get our stuff back. I hope we can legally track our stolen property but once found we are required to let the police take it further. The legal term escapes me. Wisdom tells me walking into a gun fight over a car is not smart.
  5. Surprised Air Force is excluded or any branch fully accepted. I have a nephew now retired after 20 year. He was in some field of radio communication. He was constantly involved in field exercises. He now spend too much time in the middle East. Just got back from Jordan. Will be heading back also too soon.
  6. All instructor quality is up to the individual. NRA trainers general are gun people where as police are not. I have no problem stating the NRA trainers, who are taught how to "teach" in the courses, have a far better understanding of safe gun handling then the government trained men. It is difficult for those trained in offence to step back to limit instruction to defense. Just saying. I suspect us gun people shoot much more than police, especially the many of us who compete. We know how to keep shots on target. We know we have to.
  7. Hard to believe there are not closer classes. We are two hours away in Kankakee. We do renewals on Sunday afternoons. We have one on March 3 starting at 2pm till 6pm. Ray OCCFireArmTraining.com
  8. It is difficult to give good advise over the internet. Too many unknowns. In your mid fifties a hand exercise ball could help especially with arthritis. My 70 year old hands do better with constant exercise. Though I believe the 9mm is for strong hands. I can still handle the 9 but there will come a day I can't. Then I will carry a 38 special revolver.
  9. I totally understand. He and his wife are elderly coming back to live with a daughter. My wife and I would like to get out of this state but we are at the age where moving away from our kids could be perceived as a potential mental aberration.
  10. I have a friend who just moved back after being gone a little over five years. He previously did have an Illinois ccl. He is vet. Any thoughts on if he needs the eight hours or can he get by with a 3 hours course?
  11. Having something is better then none. Maybe the best is to have it but never need it.
  12. The leftist are in a take all fight for their marxist tyranny. They know there is no victory with compromising leaving guns in the hands of us peasants.
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