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  1. So this court is saying "once a criminal always a criminal", a law breaker can never be rehabilitated, can never pay his debt to society, is never to be respected. Wow! Talk about self righteous ******. (Not my censoring)
  2. Your thinking prevailed not too far back. That is how we got Thompson, Edgar and Ryan, all tax and spend rinos. All were strong anti2. All helped to win their primary by the dems. Back then as I as a young blind republican helped the enemy win.
  3. Shouldn't but this Illinois. My card is good till 2028. I will keep it to use for out of state ammo purchase.
  4. There are several state police locations around the state where you can go to get help. Post your town then someone can give you a state police facility. Some state representative may help.
  5. Dem machine picks their canidates not the Dem primary voters. They then encourage the dems to cross over to vote in the Republican primary wanting a weak canidate to run against their preordained canidate. This is how we got Romney, Mccain then thankfully Trump. It backfired for for them with Trump. The election counters will not let that happen again.
  6. The Republic party has the much better candidates much too many people vote from greed not wisdom.
  7. Being from central Illinois I believe most of Illinois's 102 counties do not have ordinances prohibiting shooting on private county land. There are many small villages that do not prohibit shooting. I live in one.
  8. You are worrying about a problem that does not/will not exist. Foid and ccl renews at same time. Be more concerned next year about coming into the ccl renewal class not familiar, not experienced with your gun. We have too many come into a renewal class failing the qualification target or just make the 21 hits.. I do not understand why people do not train the basics.
  9. Free fire zones currently exist in no freedom, no gun zones.
  10. Just had to do some home security repair. Over the years I have accumulated a hodgepodge of systems. My old cctv systems just got new dvrs. They are the least trouble having 24 recording. The new dvrs are internet capable using ethernet cable and phone app. First wifi cameras were Wansview bought through Amazon. They are finicky. Ring now dominates but false alarms are irritating. Being able to check on property while on vacation is nice.
  11. Our picture is on the deck page e-card with current time stamp. You do not trust the state police website, but you then ssy you will trust the state police website. I don't get it.
  12. Not sure why it is being promoted that all ammo sales are run through the state police. It should be enough to pull up on your cell phone your state police deck page showing your valid digital card with current real time security feature. The seller can not get a better proof of a valid foid. This proof is current directly from the state police. A validation number is only required for a private gun sale.
  13. Would a court declaring the foid unconstitutional automatically mean all Illinois statutes requiring the foid be void without the entire statute being void. Thus would the fcca remain for a ccl or would all ccls be immediately voided?
  14. I find the Cheecagoe accent funny. I don' vote by a sound of a voice but what the voice means.
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