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  1. I moved to IL from the northeast and I need to buy a house in 10 months, I'm going to IN because I don't want to get used to paying the insane property taxes. I figure with the money I'll save per month with everything else in my life staying the same I'll always have a brand new car. Less than 2 minutes ago I was thinking "I wonder if there is a www.illinoiscarry.com & MollyB equivalent out there somewhere for IN". I'm off to look up the process right now.... can't wait to buy a full auto I already have the cash saved up for it.
  2. Don't take this the wrong way but how the heck did you give THEM that ultimatum? Like what were they going to say "no we don't agree with that we want our DUI back", seems like they could have just said "well it is what it is you got the DUI not us".
  3. I wouldn't know the answer but it just "feels" like you're walking that fine line. It's not like you're leaving your house and within that very same day you're going to a store/range or some other place to use the firearm then you'll be back to your registered mailing address before the next calendar day which makes me feel like you're CCL'ing. Also, you're going to Cook county which is pretty darn strict. If you're stopped or end up using your firearm in any way and it's been out of your home address for any length of days with no CCL I feel like it can only end bad. Just thinking out loud tho you do you... It's not even like you can say "I don't have a CCL but my friend does so I was leaving the firearms with him", he doesn't even have a FOID!
  4. You'd be surprised how "human" the board really is, I truly get the feeling they realize we are all people, everyone is unique and things happen. While yeah they aren't going to turn over and allow a Charles Manson a CCL they read into your letter and; from what it feels like.... they SEEM to be forgiving. I just always pictured them over the top black and white and they were always and only looking for that 1 needle in a haystack reason to permanently ban you. Just be honest, don't like and explain yourself. The board probably hears from so many people who lie and try to b.s. their way to a license that they can smell it a mile away ya know.
  5. Wow, I remember you post talk about blast from the past. All too often people don't stick with it and just throw the towel in walking away and giving up I'm glad you stuck with it! Every time you drink, someone's about to get confrontational and stuff like that happens you'll always be thinking "yeah yeah yeah I'm not even gonna bother....last thing I need is to lose this damn license".
  6. I would look up any posts with DUI or OUI by user MollyB, a literal wealth of information along with step by step over the top detailed instructions.
  7. On a side note.... why did you even bother to get a MMC in the first place? Did you not realize how much of a pain in the neck it would be to have a MMC & license to carry or did you know but still get one because you need it for work reasons or something like that? Just seems like a headache every step along the way but who knows, maybe you already have 250 firearms and no longer need to show @ dealers?
  8. https://uscca.swoogo.com/WSCC Kinda funny, I am a member of USCCA and I took my concealed carry class at the exact place where they're holding this seminar. Typically I wouldn't even waste the money but it's only $10.00 and I never ever leave the house anymore. I need to shower, get out of the house and talk to some people. Maybe I'll see one you there it'd be really nice to make a new friend or two!!
  9. Wow, what a process but good on you for actually going the extra mile to square this away. So often do people just throw in the towel and not even bother, sure it sucks having the card yanked for however long it takes to get it fixed but you'd think giving the card up for the rest of your life would motivate everyone else.
  10. Is the medical card enough to ban FFL transactions for your entire life or is it just "x" amount of years after you last registered for a medical card? Pot is legal in this state. If you decide to go that route just don't get a card, buy it on the side like everyone else and there will be no tracks left behind. The only thing I can think of is if you were tested for pot in work you could have a better chance of keeping your job because you are legally allowed to have pot. Even with the card, the stuff in the legit stores is still so expensive. It's not 3x as expensive, I feel like the card brings the price down to 2x so it can't be for the cost savings. ahha
  11. This may be unrelated but... Why do you even bother with the MMC card if you can't buy from a FFL dealer and pot is already legal in this state? Even if you got stopped after you purchased pot from Joe Blow without a medical card you wont have any issues with Johnny Law? Just trying to understand the mindset of a card holder.
  12. The only thing I can think of is something like 30+ mph over the limit on the highway, road rage, driving to endanger or stuff like that.... something more dangerous than mild speeding. Driving stuff isn't really ever a felony but there is a huge spectrum of offenses ranging from running a red light vs driving 120 mph without a license, insurance or registration. Everything would still be a misdemeanor. Everything I do in life is all catered to being a decent human being but it's always in the back of my mind 24/7 "don't wanna get in trouble and lose my 2A rights". We truly are held to a higher standard and rightfully so but I know there are some sneaky issues that will get your FOID/CCL yanked.
  13. I know it's a personal issue but what kind of traffic related issue....if you don't mind explaining. If you DO mind just say so and not big deal, I didn't mean to pry. I'm just kind of nervous as to what kind of trivial traffic related nonsense can get my license yanked.
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