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  1. It took me 7 days to receive the physical card. You should definitely be receiving it anyway now.
  2. I really despise Mitel.... mainly because I don't know the platform. I have worked on Norstar, Nortel, Avaya IP Office and now a massive Avaya CM system alot with all different types of recording systems, mostly NICE though. I'm only 38 but I feel like user GUI's are great but the test of a true "phone guy" is navigating an entire PBX via command line like Nortel & Avaya CM but everyone says it's just self inflicted pain. I won't go off topic anymore though! haha
  3. I was curious, and did a test call this morning. Call them about 8:27, wait through all their menus. Pretend you don’t have internet and want help. Select options for checking status on a foid application. When you get to the part where they ask you to hit 1 or 2 you know your foid or application number, here’s the trick. Even though they don’t list it, press 3. There used to be a prompt for 3 that you could press 3 if you didn’t know your application/foid numbers. It looks like they removed the prompt, but I don’t think they removed the routing. When I hit 3, I got a message saying they were currently closed. So I’m thinking the shortcut is active, but the voice prompt is taken out. I work on telephone systems for a living, been doing it since I was 15. What's going on is they are using the same auto attendant menu, all of the options are there but they have to record a greeting to let people know which options route to which groups. They may have wanted to get rid of the #3 option and thought they could just record a new audio greeting file and upload it, which they did but they forgot it's only half the job and they need to delete "3" from the literal menu, hahaah. Sounds like they have a regular PC help desk guy maintaining their telephone system. They could always hire me, I'll maintain the entire PBX for the IL state police.
  4. 5/3/20 = Applied for FOID & CCL 9/30/20 = Active 10/7/20 = Both cards in hand 158 days For what it's worth Molly B. had to get involved or it honestly would have literally been who knows how many more months. I was stuck in the system for no apparent reason after calling the hotline and speaking to a general representative.
  5. That didn't sound right, I mean who knows if they'll make up a reason to deny me.
  6. Just for reference, tomorrow will be my 30th day. I'm new to the state, applied 29 days ago. So far nothing nor am I upset or expecting to receive the FOID card in time.....if they even give it to me, who knows if they'll deny me for one of many reasons.
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