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  1. You can legally sell an UNFINISHED.... Penalty for knowingly sell, offer to sell, or transfer an unserialized unfinished frame or receiver or unserialized firearm
  2. I suspect there was zero chance that the dude the the Ford would have pulled over, parked, rolled down his window and sat there for the idiot chasing him down if he did not have that gun. I would say he got INTO this situation due to having the gun... not out of it.
  3. Might be an unpopular opinion, but when you pull over to the side of the road, park, open your window while holding your illegally possessed loaded gun, I would assume you are looking to shoot someone.... not defend yourself.
  4. Imagine a person follows your car and you are scared... so you pull over. Now imagine after you pull over, they approach your vehicle and you are scared.. so you open your window. This just does not add up.
  5. The footage does not seem to be a dash cam. It looks hand held. I am familiar with the area and there really is no parking there. I don't really see a reason for this person to be pulled over and taking video if they were not invested in the situation. Still curious.
  6. Yeah.. that is kind of what I am saying. Was the person filming involved? Did that person help block the kid in to get him to pull over and then film his buddy harassing the kid?
  7. But there is an HVAC truck parked in front of the Ford. Was the Ford surrounded by HVAC trucks?
  8. I am curious who was filming this incident. It appears to be from inside a vehicle parked behind the white Ford. Was this person also involved in some way?
  9. 17 days after I got my 1st email through, they finally responded to it and gave me my username and I was finally able to sign in using what I thought my password was. I got logged in and got a popup that said I needed to verify my phone number or email. The box was auto-populated with my phone number but the email address was auto-populated with a different email address than what I had registered with and had been communicating with the ISP through (but still an email I use). I changed the email to my registered email and clicked save and it told me that "that email is already in use". It would not verify my phone number or email till I put a different email in. What a disaster. Anyway.. I got an email to the new email address and a text to my phone and verified both. I am unsure if this means me email has changed or if I just verified it was me or what. But whatever... I got access to my account now and can renew my CCL.
  10. I see nothing immoral in what they did. If I lived in a gated community and a bunch of masked people (some armed according to this couple) broke in, I would be calling 911 on my way to grab my rifle. I wouldn't have gone outside like they did but you can bet I would be watching out the window ready to protect my family.
  11. I suspect that he probably just signed off for licenses after a very abbreviated class of a few hours at best. Maybe no class at all. If this is the case, then the people "getting the training" are complicit in this too.
  12. 11 days since I got an email through with no response.. I sent another email today. I got the automated reply that they got my email so apparently the mailbox is not full. I will continue to wait.
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