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Illinois General Assembly 5/19/2023


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Yesterday the House concurred in Senate Amendment 1 to HB3456 and Senate Amendment 2 to HB3456 to HB3456 World Shoot & Recreation Complex.   The bill will now go to the Governor.  HB2412 State Police - Organization has also passed both bodies.
Also yesterday, the Senate passed HB218 Civil Law - Tech (Firearm Industry Responsibility Act).  This, too, will be sent to the Governor.


SJR40 Gun Violence Prevention Week was filed in the Senate.



The House is scheduled for 10:00 AM today;  the Senate for 9:00 AM.

Next Days Scheduled
House:  Scheduled End of Spring Session  5/24/2023
Senate: Scheduled End of Spring Session  5/24/2023 ?
House Calendar

Senate Calendar


Senate Supplemental Calendar 1




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House Calendar

10:00 AM


HR189 Tenn. House Expulsion - Condemn
House Sponsor:  Nichols, Ammons, Evans, Canty, Collins
Status:  Order of Resolutions
Synopsis As Introduced
Condemns the expulsion of Tennessee State Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson and condemns the attempted expulsion of Tennessee State Rep. Gloria Johnson from the Tennessee House of Representatives.

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Senate Calendar


9:00 AM


SB1073 Government - Tech
Senate Sponsor:  Plummer, Bryant, Anderson, Rose, Bennett,Turner (Sally), Stoller, McClure
Status:  Third Reading
Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the short title.
Senate Amendment 1 - Pending
Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Criminal Code of 2012. Provides that the prohibition on possession of an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge device does not apply to a person who lawfully possessed that assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge, if the person, in addition to other requirements, has provided to the Illinois State Police in an endorsement affidavit, prior to January 1, 2024, under oath or affirmation, in the form and manner prescribed by the Illinois State Police, an affirmation that the affiant possessed an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge on or after the effective date of Public Act 102-1116 based upon a preliminary injunction or restraining order issued by a court in the State. Effective immediately.

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On 5/19/2023 at 8:36 PM, mauserme said:

The bill passed and will be sent to the House for concurrence in SA1.



This is the Judge shopping or venue shopping legalization act?
While slightly being sarcastic we should have done an all hands PROPONENT WITNESS SLIPS. 
Why to embarrass the shyte out of these people!

Every attorney that touched, voted for, and signs this into law should have complaints filed against them with the state bar!
There is NO saying that these are people passing what “they think” is a legal law. They are attorneys, they know better, they have legal staff that knows better. 

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On 5/19/2023 at 9:27 PM, mauserme said:


Mr. Harmon made some arguments that made sense to his side of the aisle.  I'm guessing the courts won't see it that way.




It's very instructive that this state believes that it has the right to determine the venues where alleged violations of the FEDERAL constitution may be tried.


As an edit: One wonders how Mr. Harmon (or his caucus members) would feel about having to travel to Washington D.C., or New York City, to be able to file suit against the federal government regarding a constitutional issue? I think we all know the answer to that.

Edited by springfield shooter
Additional point.
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