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Registering on ISP FOID/CCL Dashboard - Four Day Delay?

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This is a new one to me. Registered an account for someone to renew their FOID card. Once identification info was entered, the site closed access and a notice popped up stating:


Registration for this account is under review. You will not be able to access this account for four days.



Anyone else experience this when registering a new account?

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We used to see this at the dealer where I worked if the applicant said that they had once had a FOID card, but didn’t know the number. We assumed the ISP was checking old records manually (some of these FOIDs were long ago expired). Within 4 days the applicant would be able to sign in, and their prior FOID info was there.


And that was the case for this applicant as well. Didn't have her FOID card with her.

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This is one thing some sites do (in addition to email verification) to stop spam bots. Is ISP worried about bots?

Yes, yes they are. Bots are not going to be eligible for FOID’s now. This is how the “gun violence” style handguns get into Illinois. Bots.


If guns are illegal, only bots will have FOIDs?

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