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Federal Appellate Court Declares Handgun Ban for Adults Under 21 Unconstitutional

Molly B.

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Federal Court Declares Handgun Ban for Adults Under 21 Unconstitutional


The court ordered a lower court’s ruling upholding the ban to be vacated and remanded for a new ruling in line with their guidance. The federal government will now have to decide whether to appeal the ruling to a full panel of the Fourth Circuit.





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It won’t matter if it is heard en Banc or not. This case will still end up with a petition for cert at the Supreme Court.


What will matter, and could be good or bad, is the opinion written by the en Banc panel if it is head en Banc. It is very possible, that this could get stayed pending the outcome of the NY case.


The NY case, could end up with not just an opinion and effect on carry of a firearm outside the home, but could have an effect on HOW the lower courts are to use if at all any level of scrutiny.


However… as the saying goes… we won’t know till the fat lady sings.

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