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  1. AKA, we are going to do ballistics on all of them before you get them back. I'd sell them when I got them back.
  2. It's the same as with a Illinois permit, but you can't leave the vehicle with the firearm except to store in trunk. All other is exactly the same as an Il permit, just can't carry outside the vehicle.
  3. They were wrong, but if it's the old cert they would need to issue an updated one. The new one were issued 3 month of 2018, so if after that you are good to go. As long as the instructor issued the updated cert when you took the class. The Utah training is the one that's good for only one year. ...someone correct if wrong
  4. CPD matters, but if they want to look at your med records they can because of the waiver, so if they look, even if not reported, they could revoke both from looking at your med record even without a CPD report. It has happened to some of my students. One was a motorcycle with head injury who was refereed to a shrink, to see if his noodle was scrambled... he was rejected... no flag, no CPD, just a review of his records.
  5. That is how it should be, but not how it is... If you want to violate that's your call, but please don't tell others because they may pay the price if caught. The, "I read it on the forum," defense doesn't hold up in court. IDOT reports to JB Executive Branch= No, "lawful," Carry Possible they may even say that since it's transportation facility as well, though I think this to be a stretch. Don't mistake me giving facts as agreeing with them.
  6. You can have a shop weld a shroud over it, I had mine done cost me $100.
  7. I have had several calls today from people who had both CCL and FOID being revoked with the, "Clear and present Danger."
  8. Wow, just wow, so we stall until they are no longer under 21 and then start over with the next one and on and on?
  9. I hope JCAR goes too, nothing like a few people in a room deciding to add to laws at their sole discretion.
  10. Mine took over two months from "printed" and it was still wrong having the old FOID restriction from CC on the bottom. ~SIgh~
  11. In a lot of cases, "Appointed" leadership. Do as we say, or we will get someone who will. In fact it's almost impossible to get elected without a boatload of money and we are getting outspent.
  12. What is an assault rifle? I have never been assaulted by anything that wasn't human. Do not accept the premise; When you use their vernacular we give them power... reject the premise!
  13. The only way all this BS ends is when the tail stops wagging the dog.
  14. I understand what you are saying, but that would be false arrest, the law clearly states it's not a violation, so while they could do it, you could sue them for it. I also agree that it's not a good idea to let this happen, but what was asked is it it lawful if you do not know and the answer to that question is yes. I also said to get everyone a FOID, but again, it's not unlawful if you didn't know. Hopefully, in time, the FOID will go away anyway and the point will be moot. I think we have taken this off topic far enough. Best, JQ
  15. @Craig Are you talking about a loaded firearm, or just ammo or properly stored unloaded under FOID. I know of at least two cases where the person didn't know and they didn't arrest. One was ammo and the other a firearm, one case the ammo was taken, and the other the husband was called down to take possession of the firearm under FOID. He then spent the next month sleeping with his beloved Golden. This is NOT to say how and officer will react. The officer/Trooper knew the law well and decided to just call the husband on the firearm. He could have taken the firearm and had the husband come pick it up. Anyway, my advice is to always have all household members have the FOID. Don't put someone in this position. If you search my vehicle you will always be able to find a stray case, cartridge or primer rattling around. I used to shoot competitions and one day I got home and there in the windshield to hood juncture there were two cases. lol I reload, so all the brass comes back to the car and invariably down into a wheel well or other nook. Since I refuse to tear out the carpet or go over it like forensics, there will be something somewhere to be found.
  16. Say I have a FOID, but my wife does not and I forget and leave ammo in the car. If the police found it and ask her if she was aware of the ammo being in the car, and she says no. She has not violated the FOID act. The assumption is that she did not know. The same for a legal firearm. The law states that they must, "knowingly violate." Does this mean the cop will know the law, or that they won't grab the gun/ammo and arrest her? If they do, there would be a good case for false arrest. As to how this would work with a loaded firearm... I have no doubt, this would have to get sorted in court. I don't know that we have case law on it and I know of nothing in the CC or FOID which would deal with that issue. One would think, if they did not know, the same should apply, but with UUW law, and this being Illinois, well, I wouldn't hazard a guess without it being spelled out, or some court cases to have precedent. A short version of it can be found here: https://www2.illinois.gov/dnr/hunting/documents/transportyourfirearmlegally.pdf
  17. @Mab That's not true on the ammo or a gun in the car under FOID, if the person did not know they can not be charged. The CCL is another story...
  18. Bottom line is we need to pick our battles wisely, we have precedent in our favor now... what we don't want to do is bring the wrong case/s We don't want to lose cases, or have an unfavorable outcome that can set us back. I know we would all like to pile on everything at once, but it's not feasible to do so, we need to be smart about how, what, where and who brings the next round to the judiciary. JQ
  19. "The same everywhere." Nope, still don't have it. Some states do not require permits, or recog all other states permits, but if they don't reciprocate, all bets are off... You may get that states permit and carry on... There are a couple other exceptions, but I'm not in teacher mode, but thanks for playing. PS I never said anything about IN. PSS Before Utah went CC, this was the case.. PSSS Il law states, Have, or "Be eligible to have." Hmmm
  20. HIPAA should be out now, if not, let's do that on all the extreme left. We can tell them they can't vote... danger to self and others.
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