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  1. You see how many people are on the site these days? Guys, I really don't want to be negative, but the site is much harder to get around on. I pretty much quit coming ere because of it. Sometimes new isn't better. best, JQ
  2. I want to thank Molly and those who put time into getting this together. It would have taken hours togo through this thing otherwise. Thanks Ms. B Donation incoming...
  3. This is for real, I had several students getting them back in just a couple weeks. I'm betting this is a rush on all the new ones, so they can say they have fixed the long delays when it goes to court.
  4. I've heard from students who have done FOID in the last couple months and are getting them in just a few weeks or less. I figure they are getting them out fast, so they can say the processing times are fixed when it goes to court.
  5. I am holding classes for George Parsons students this weekend in Spring Valley, no charge. There will be more classes next month. I know George and I don't know if he is guilty or not. I am doing this for the students, there are over 300. This stuff makes all of us look bad. If anyone wants to help please PM me. You sir are a class act! I did this for students several years ago. It's a bit of a trip to Rockford, but I have a class this weekend, if any or the Shipman folks want to make the trip, the class is on me and the gas is on you. PM me and I will get you in this weekend,
  6. The instructor should have told you about this, I always do since people going back now were under the old system.
  7. He's not an instructor according to the ISP, might even be a shill to see if one would send it to him/them.... Defiantly not legit.
  8. There's another issue that needs to be addressed. If a person is expired and needs to take all 16hrs again there is no provision for them to do so. Basically, they can't apply for a new card and not allowed to upload the training, so in effect, they are denied the right to even submit and get the ball rolling and are also prevented from carrying because they expired BEFORE this event. Molly, they need to fix this thing, this poor guy can't even submit training and is expired. JQ
  9. It's okay... and thanks. 360k There's a number that doesn't seem to get any attention. ?
  10. Did you somehow think I was pro this? I don't like to be included in a quote with a rant like I endorse an action, or the assumption that I do because you are peeved. BTW I'm, one of the first 40 instructors in the state, not that that matters...........
  11. Great..... as part of my renewal service I take their picture and scan their certs and upload them to ISP. It makes no sense at all to take that option away. WHY? Can this be fixed? Unless the reason they did that is so they, can kick the can down the road, get caught up on the huge backlog of FOID and first time CCLs. By not processing the renewals, that would free up some resources, but sooner or later the get the balloon payment.
  12. @lg they don't always do that, but do for some of us who were the first to get our cards. The deal is they want the CCL # the same as your FOID card. The, "first two'" digits on the CCL that are different form the FOID are the year in which you first received your CCL card. In other words; if my FOID is 123456789 and I got my initial CCL in 2020 then my new CCL would be 20123456789. So why issue a new FOID? Because when they first issued them the numbers were random and not related to our FOID card numbers. To correct this they reissue cards that are like except for the first two digits... Also, they updated the look and security of the FOID card... the old ones were pathetic and cracked very easy, the new ones aren't greatly improved. Ironically, the really old card the lamented at the ISP lasted forever and never cracked lol. Those are the reasons for the reissue. JT
  13. That's because they didn't want to mess with the, "Unsinkable." I'm seeing up to 6 month or more on some students.
  14. I tried typing about 8 different times and I couldn't get anything positive,so let me just say this.... All the bells and whistles won't cut it folks. You need PEOPLE. Anything else is just lipstick on a pig. Don't even get me started on facebook.
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