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  1. "Unless the property is a private residence." Then, a sign need not be posted in this case it is a prohibited place without the consent of the owner. This is my take on the law.
  2. Thanks James, I knew it was there, but couldn't recall the verbiage.   I appreciate you affirming the point I was trying to make a quoting the law to do it. :) 


  3. IMHO The law is in reference to property, personal, or otherwise, which is a place the public has lawful access, without permission, but which you would prefer they not enter with a firearm. My place of business, or other place that the public may lawfully enter, or remain, without prior consent... If the public may not enter without prior consent, it's another deal. In other words, according to your prior, they could enter my house with a loaded firearm, without my consent, as long as I didn't post a sign. I do not believe this is correct. JP
  4. In my opinion, a licensee can carry in a private residence without permission even when used for fellowship. The owner of the residence may prohibit carry, however, without the need to post the property. So, I can carry a loaded gun on anyone's land/home without permission as long as it's not posted? I think we might want to review that.... :O
  5. It chaps me when people call this an AD, this is an ND. If a firearm goes off by itself, that's an AD, if you put your finger on the bang switch that's an ND. JQ
  6. 45, That's the email I used... ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov JQ
  7. King that is not the one I used you have an, "underscore." Try this one: ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov use this link. Be safe brother.... JQ
  8. I don't care if they post in crayon, I'm not giving them a dime if they post a sign whether, or not it's the correct one.
  9. I just got mine, it was printed on 1/11 it has the CCL, but has the FOID This card doesn't not allow blah blah blah, so it's on the old stock. SNAFU
  10. and the backlog gets worse... we had first piece checks by inspectors for all new setup of machines, They have a print and check everything off before you just hit the go button. perhaps they could have posted a test card here and saves thousands of dollars, untold delay times, and got it right the first time. Now what if the SC agrees they are uncon? Okay reissue again......................................
  11. I just wanted to drop you a line... I sent from a diff email and it did go through at the address above. JQ
  12. None of these addresses work for me they bounce back as invalid... does anyone have a current one? ISP.Instructor.Docs@illinois.gov does work
  13. All true, been saying this for years. It's why school classes are short. You must keep the students engaged, I do so with hands on, and also making the class amusing where I can. I do the song and dance, but warn, don't think this means I have a sense of humor about safety, I have none.
  14. Sometimes, probably most, it's not remembered, or they weren't paying attention. I can't tell you how many times I get calls asking the stuff I covered in class, and oh ya! It's in the body of an email I send you after class which helps with the process, but it doesn't get read. I'm not directing this at the OP here, just something I find time and time and time again. Put the cell phones down for the duration of class, you can check them on break, or emergency, that's it!
  15. King ans SG are correct. I don't have the law with me, but it's says it must be carried at all times when you have your gun; Unless it is being transported FOID legal, or you are on your own property, or "fixed" place of business, or on someone else's property with their permission.
  16. I advised students to leave their FOID card at home and just carry their CCL. In case it's lost or stolen, you can still buy and transport. Now, with one card, if lost or stolen both are invalid. ~Sigh~ Just another thing to throw on the pile. If someone mentioned this, sorry. JQ
  17. I've been training as long as you, and I found the results different. I guess Cook gets the mail better than we do.... Hey, who am I to debate with someone who has trained thousands and tells me I am full of ****? I had 4 in the last class that never got a letter. JD
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