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  1. ISP sent out an email explaining that you will get an all in one card. Check your spam folder. I know a few that have received the email and the card showed up a few weeks later. I would print out anything you can from the ISP and keep it on you. I would also contact ISP. We know they never make mistakes..lol
  2. I can't wait to see all the Dems that voted for him,comply. It's going to be beautiful.
  3. Shows how the media jumps on anything the Republican's do wrong. Should he lie like Biden is doing now and the rest of the Dems when asked if they support Sniffy Joe.
  4. Nobody is coming for your guns. Just making it real hard and scary for the average guy IF they want to buy one. Plus 1 mistake and your out of business and those records are ours. Again , nobody is coming for your guns.
  5. UNREAL..... They don't care about this right. This court is a disgrace.
  6. A Highland park mom was on the news the other night supporting HP ban. Then mentions, she bought her 2 kids backpack body armor. I say kudos for buying the backpack, but the people she supports wants all that stuff banned , and lets not even get into the schools and teachers.
  7. Like I mentioned to a friend.....Dead Bodies equal Cash for the Democrat Left.
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