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  1. I am an Illinois Certified Instructor, residing in a Texas. Currently, Illinois will allow and issue a Non-Resident permit if you have a valid permit fro. One of 5 States. Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada, Mississippi, & Virginia. Only Texas, Virginia and Idaho issue Non-Resident LTC/CCL’s with out exceptions. I have read Illinois law, and I have not found anywhere where it specifically states that one must be a resident of one of those states. So my question is this. Can a resident of another state, that isn’t a resident of one of those 5 states listed above HAS a Non-Resident permit from one or more of those 5 states, can they get a Illinois permit? The law says substantially similar. If a person obtains one or more of those 5 states permits, then for all practical purposes they have met all the same basic requirements except resident status. Did I miss something that the law specifically states one must be an actual resident of one of those 5 states?
  2. Exactly why they are waiting on SCOTUS to rule in NYSPRA. that’s basically the right that case is asking SCOTUS to affirm.
  3. In theory I like that idea… But the fed have the NFA, and They still haven’t passed national reciprocity yet. Many states have leagalized many of the items on the NFA and don’t require your items to even be NFA registered. Only the feds require that. we have states that are a lot freeer then the feds are, but some states alot stricter too
  4. Not disagreeing with you. They will be put into a bind, if it’s ruled that the only part of FOID is that they are charging $10 for it. Which $10 isn’t much. Which means they won’t be able to charge anything at all. Makes ya wonder what they will do. however, I think other parts might be found unconstitutional. Such as requiring to have the FOID when in the home. we will see… but like I said earlier. What SCOTUS says in NYSPRA or not says will make a difference in Illinois opinion. It won’t be released before we get SCOTUS’s opinion that’s for sure.
  5. Not without getting mugged raped or killed and no form of self defense allowed on your part.
  6. June 7th 2022 to give the time for the Legislature and Governor to pass HB4296 and sign it into law. it will pass sadly It verbally “narrows” where someone with a CCL can carry there, yet in reality still makes it pointless to be able to carry at all. hopefully, new litigation will come around on that bull as well. As well as maybe an appeal, but sadly the way the opinion and stay was written. The state won’t appeal, and tweak can’t appeal because we basically won to begin with. So it causes us to have to file NEW litigation on the NEW law. Hopefully the NYSPRA opinion coming from SCOTUS in May or June will help with new litigation efforts. We shall see though.
  7. The way I have been reading the opinions issued on this case, is that the unconstitutionality of the law revolves more around the $10 fee then anything else. i admit I could be wrong though. Which makes me afraid that the court could rule it unconstitutional based on the fee alone. Which means that the legislature could just come back and make the FOID card free. just look at the rush to pass HB4296 when the courts ruled on Cook County a Forrest Preserve. Basically the new law narrows the area verbally. Yet still makes it pointless and impossible to carry there anyways. The legislature will look for away around it by all possible means. Sadly the FOID isn’t going to entirely go away… UNLESS… SCOTUS on a national level says something very specific in their opinion on NYSPRA. (Based on scrutiny)
  8. Indiana just passed CC, so now we are at 24, three more states are on the verge of passing CC. Georgia, Nebraska, and South Carolina.
  9. At 4 Months that puts it at July. 6 Would be Septemeber so either way after NYSPRA. That opinion will obviously have some effect. Hopefully positive.
  10. Almoat but not quite yet, hopefully by the end of the year. We are currently at 23, with Ohio and Alabama passing. Ohio effective June 15th and Alabama Effective Jan 1 2023. Indianna sitting on Gov desk. If he doesnt veto by the 22nd then it will be effective July 1 of 2022. Making Indiana #24. Nebraska and Georgia are in the final stretches. Which will be #25 is hard to guess. Then we Have South Carolina. If all pass we will have 27
  11. Molly, Do you expect a rulling before or after SCOTUS issues their rulling in NYSPRA v Bruen?
  12. considering they are hearing the case tomorrow. Here is what I think. They will hear the case…. And then hold off on their opinion until SCOTUS issues their opinion on the NYSPRA. I don’t really think they are wanting to jump the gun. Especially since it is pretty much widely accepted that SCOTUS will issue some form of opinion on the use of scrutiny, and how it’s to be used in 2A cases. As well as the opinion that is written on one’s right to carry/posses a firearm outside the confines of one’s home. IL waiting 90 -120 days to issue an opinion is t out of the ordinary.
  13. The case has moved to the US Supreme Court. Duncan v Bonta 21-1194 https://www.supremecourt.gov/docket/docketfiles/html/public/21-1194.html i would also like to mention that another Magazine case ANJRPC v Platkin (NJ) Is pending with SCOTUS. It is currently “on hold” pending the NYSPRA v Bruen case. https://www.supremecourt.gov/docket/docketfiles/html/public/20-1507.html Due to timing, with deadlines and possible extensions to file various briefs. An Opinion on NYSPRA v Bruen case will likely be issued prior to Duncan even being scheduled for a conference. Even though that case has nothing to do with magazine bans, it is well expected that the opinion will make some comment on the use of scrutiny etc. why else would the ANJRPC case be put into a holding pattern? That case from NJ will have an impact on Duncan.
  14. Almost sounds like that they don’t want to have o make a ruling on the constitutional basis of the FOID act. But would rather issue an opinion that the FOID act does not apply in the home, and that thusly one doesn’t need a FOID to simply posses in the home. It is obvious on several levels that the lower court wants to rule he FOID act unconstitutional, and is doing is best to force the issue with the IL Supreme Court. (JMHO) Like I said in my previous post. I also believe they are delaying this case based on the NYSPRA v Bruen case. Because as everyone knows, on can still appeal a State Supreme Court decision to the US Supreme Court.
  15. I am wondering if the Illinois Supreme Court is intentionally delaying this process due to the NYSPRA v Bruen case in our US Supreme Court. Even though that case is about carrying a handgun OUTSIDE the home, one thing is for certain the opinion will say something about the use of scrutiny, strict or immediate, or the use of Text, History, and Tradition, or some combination thereof. Many cases that don’t have anything to do with carrying a firearm outside the home have been put on hold because of this case. Even a Magazine Ban case at the SCOTUS level has been put on hold because of the NYSPRA case. The Illinois Supreme court maybe hearing oral arguments for this case on March 16th, however, I would be willing to bet, that they don’t issue an opinion before SCOTUS does.
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