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  1. ISP sent out an email explaining that you will get an all in one card. Check your spam folder. I know a few that have received the email and the card showed up a few weeks later. I would print out anything you can from the ISP and keep it on you. I would also contact ISP. We know they never make mistakes..lol
  2. I can't wait to see all the Dems that voted for him,comply. It's going to be beautiful.
  3. Shows how the media jumps on anything the Republican's do wrong. Should he lie like Biden is doing now and the rest of the Dems when asked if they support Sniffy Joe.
  4. Nobody is coming for your guns. Just making it real hard and scary for the average guy IF they want to buy one. Plus 1 mistake and your out of business and those records are ours. Again , nobody is coming for your guns.
  5. UNREAL..... They don't care about this right. This court is a disgrace.
  6. A Highland park mom was on the news the other night supporting HP ban. Then mentions, she bought her 2 kids backpack body armor. I say kudos for buying the backpack, but the people she supports wants all that stuff banned , and lets not even get into the schools and teachers.
  7. Like I mentioned to a friend.....Dead Bodies equal Cash for the Democrat Left.
  8. Trying to quote here..lol.. 2ACook...Now, since they have lost control of SCOTUS for the first time in over half a century and the Court is rendering rulings they do not agree with. Look at how these judges are going against the states on abortion. They still want to control the issues., no consequences for them if they don't follow SCOTUS.
  9. These replies are nuts. What the heck does a .50 cal have to do with anything. Typical leftist powergrab, toss it in the mix.
  10. Sad world we live in. These peeps are sick in so many ways. Hopefully they can sue the developer for breech of contract or whatever Maxon maybe entitled to.
  11. NY is going to test SCOTUS on there CCW sensitive places. Should be fun. https://www.theblaze.com/news/new-york-democrats-gun-control
  12. More jobs for the hacks, Ganbangers keep banging. Nothing to see here. Thanks for the laugh Molly.
  13. That's fine, let them. Its no secret what they did. The commercials spoke of a conservative or another Dem to be the Repulican Governor. Voters wanted the Conservative.
  14. WLS reported 1of 5 voters showed up in Chicago, lowest in 8 yrs.
  15. JB and Groot are on the attack. Let's see how Bailey handles it. He allready stood his ground on the Chicago heck hole comment.
  16. Wow..I dint know somebody was running against her. I seen a few Willis signs, no Hernandez signs.
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