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  1. Like I mentioned to a friend.....Dead Bodies equal Cash for the Democrat Left.
  2. Trying to quote here..lol.. 2ACook...Now, since they have lost control of SCOTUS for the first time in over half a century and the Court is rendering rulings they do not agree with. Look at how these judges are going against the states on abortion. They still want to control the issues., no consequences for them if they don't follow SCOTUS.
  3. These replies are nuts. What the heck does a .50 cal have to do with anything. Typical leftist powergrab, toss it in the mix.
  4. Sad world we live in. These peeps are sick in so many ways. Hopefully they can sue the developer for breech of contract or whatever Maxon maybe entitled to.
  5. NY is going to test SCOTUS on there CCW sensitive places. Should be fun. https://www.theblaze.com/news/new-york-democrats-gun-control
  6. More jobs for the hacks, Ganbangers keep banging. Nothing to see here. Thanks for the laugh Molly.
  7. That's fine, let them. Its no secret what they did. The commercials spoke of a conservative or another Dem to be the Repulican Governor. Voters wanted the Conservative.
  8. WLS reported 1of 5 voters showed up in Chicago, lowest in 8 yrs.
  9. JB and Groot are on the attack. Let's see how Bailey handles it. He allready stood his ground on the Chicago heck hole comment.
  10. Wow..I dint know somebody was running against her. I seen a few Willis signs, no Hernandez signs.
  11. It was an image , no url to click. If it's not the right info ,I will communicate that to my buddy.
  12. If these governors decide to be spoiled little brats, the US appeals courts are gonna be very busy on the east coast.
  13. Tuckers reply. https://rumble.com/v19gic7-tucker-carlson-destroys-dirtbag-repubican-lawmakers-for-rescuing-joe-biden.html
  14. Keep it coming. We all know something is buried in there that's even worse.These sleezeballs arent going to pass this chance up to stick it to us.
  15. A few of these clown senators that are making this deal, are retiring. So they don't care. Giving the middle finger to the 2nd amendment. The other ones are keeping McCain's spirit alive. Sad.
  16. I really like Max, he put all the conservative points on the table. I think it will be Bailey as top guy.
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