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  1. Looking more closely at this petition, apparently a 2A claim wasn't made until late in the process, so I wouldn't read much from this denial other than lack of standing. There is another NJ case in the pipeline somewhere which is waiting on the NYSRPA opinion.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath yet. I'm sure this will be appealed en banc and the 4th Circuit is still pretty hostile.
  3. Bridges’ license was suspended as a result of a medical reaction to prescribed medication, resulting in a hospital stay of 72 hours, according to the suit. Say what????? They're now taking away FOID cards for non-mental medical issues????
  4. There’s a good chance this question will be answered in the upcoming SCOTUS case
  5. Somewhat surprised. I would have thought this case would be held and sent back to the appeals court after NYSRPA is decided. A clear signal the court wants nothing to do with any criminal cases right now.
  6. This one will almost certainly go to conference and will not be heard from again until NYSRPA is decided.
  7. The narrower ruling would be if Roberts joins the majority to make it 6-3. If he’s in the dissent then he cannot “shape” the opinion.
  8. The law isn't tailored toward the goal which is guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and others. VCR tape counterfeiting isn't a physical danger to anyone.
  9. Too early to say. I'll point out that the NYSRPA case that was granted cert last year got it after the 2nd re-list and we aren't there yet. The other scenario is a per curiam where they get 6 votes (at least) and decide the case without even going to oral arguments, see Caetano.
  10. It's been rescheduled for conference April 1. Actually re-listed. There's a difference. Re-listed cases means there's some level of interest.
  11. May issue only. Can't get the licensing scheme knocked down if SCOTUS wont even strike down may issue. It would really depend on how they rule, generally they will rule narrowly, but this is a civil rights issue that lower courts and governments have obviously been ignoring since Heller, so it would not surprise me to see the Supreme Court get out the white glove and slap the lower courts into compliance. I would like to see them put on the boxing gloves and knock it out of the park, but any forward progress is progress. The lower courts have said on one hand the right doesn't end when you leave your home yet it can somehow be rationed only to people who show a particular "need" for it. It's inconsistent with any other fundamental right as rights are not supposed to be held in a hierarchy where some are worth more than others.
  12. May issue only. Can't get the licensing scheme knocked down if SCOTUS wont even strike down may issue.
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