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Can someone explain to a layperson like myself if we have options?


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Remember, a simple senate majority won't do. For trivialities, maybe, but not for big stuff. In early 2013 O had the senate, and could not ram gun control through, so do not give up.

A 51 to 50 vote isn't enough.


Hope the constitution stands, otherwise

Dig a hole somewhere(find somewhere legal to store if it comes), or most of us are going to be felons, maybe for years while waiting, hoping the supremes overturn the cases. Because that is what is going to play out in that situation.

It won't do any good yelling out "but muh 2A" from the wrong side of a cell door.

Additionally there are a few Dem Senators from VERY 2A strong states as well.

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A lot of people feel betrayed because they were betrayed. Inaugurating a corrupt president in the pocket of the CCP was certainly evidence of that.


Betrayed is putting it mildly. Accusations of Sedition, rebellion and insurrection have been leveled at Trump supporters and republican members of Congress. As I have said before, whatever the democrats accuse the republicans of doing, is exactly what they ARE doing.

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