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  1. This new sanction doesn't apply to any shipments already on the way or on order. Also, new orders can be placed until Sept. 7th for later delivery (think over the next year or 2), so importers are getting in as many orders as possible before then. Of course, panic buying kicked in immediately, so we are affected by the current, temporary price increase. That should settle down after a few months as shipments continue to come in and the panic buyers have been sated.
  2. President Magoo strikes again! Ammo shortage already exists, Biden admin cuts off 40% of our supply. Biden admin does the victory dance. Keystone pipeline halted, Russian Nord Stream approved: US energy independence ruined. Biden admin does the victory dance. Inflation is a fact of the Biden admin, it's just a question of how bad now. Biden admin boosts food stamps 25% to adjust for inflation. Know anyone who just got a 25% raise lately to help with inflation? No associated COLA boost for retirees. Biden admin does a victory dance. Let's face it folks, until President Magoo is gone, it's going to be a tough scramble, whether it's ammo, food or mortgage payments.
  3. He's got the -D- card. The allegations seem damming, but it won't make a difference. Romney and the other RINO squishes will vote him in. This would only block a Republican nominee.
  4. Are they out in support of constitutional carry? If they don't think someone needs 16 hours of approved training and a CCW card to carry, then they should work to pass constitutional carry. This is big news!
  5. They are accepting comments now. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/06/10/2021-12176/factoring-criteria-for-firearms-with-attached-stabilizing-braces#open-comment
  6. As I read the new regs, they are specifically targeting AR and AK pistols. It seems pistol braces like the MCK micro conversion braces for Glocks/Sigs/M&P can slip past this round of rule making. Nevertheless, we don't give an inch! This is just the 1st step in their plan to outlaw all semi-auto firearms.
  7. The ATF web page for this new proposed rule: https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/factoring-criteria-firearms-attached-stabilizing-braces This is the ridiculous checklist they're proposing to classify pistol braces vs. shoulder stock: https://www.atf.gov/file/154866/download This rule has not yet been listed for comments: www.regulations.gov. No previous comments will have any bearing on this newly proposed rule, 2021R-08. Keep checking the page for when they finally post it for comments.
  8. "recording themselves on cellphones" has replaced "hold my beer" as the #1 precursor to death.
  9. Interesting that it sounds like Alito was inviting future challenges to red flag laws. Maybe I'm reading into this what I want to hear...
  10. Alito wrote: This case also implicates another body of law that petitioner glossed over: the so-called “red flag” laws that some States are now enacting. These laws enable the police to seize guns pursuant to a court order to prevent their use for suicide or the infliction of harm on innocent persons. They typically specify the standard that must be met and the procedures that must be followed before firearms may be seized. He observed, “Provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us.”
  11. You should bother to read an article before you comment on it and accuse others of falling for the accusations of an anti-2a progressive, marxist anti Trump prosecutor. The article was about the ruling of a federal judge, not the NY-state AG's case. WLP did not have the approval of the board. If you are sure the NRA bylaws allow that, please share. I no longer am a member of the NRA (for the past 5 years). I support the intention of the NRA, I don't support the corrupt leadership of WLP. I financially support GOA and when WLP leaves the NRA, I may once again join the NRA. Lots of good people are NRA members and lots of good people are former NRA members. Those 2 groups differ only in their support of WLP. We should unify, WLP should go.
  12. Once WLP is expunged from the NRA, membership will explode!
  13. If you rob a grocery store with a toy gun, isn't that still an armed robbery? These 2 high-dollar lawyers should keep their mouths shut and rely on the castle doctrine. If they're saying the guns weren't operational/loaded, that actually weakens their case in my eyes. If they were truly in fear of their lives, they weren't meeting lethal force with lethal force. They may not have had the duty to retreat but that was the far better option vs. brandishing props. Maybe they're foils in a bid to sabotage the castle doctrine?
  14. Not a lie. It's the listener's fault if they couldn't see the hand up the puppet's butt.
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