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  1. Today I got a notice that the application for renewal has entered a new phase, Under Review. The explanation states: We have completed our initial review of your submission and have determined that all necessary items are present. Your application has been moved to the background review queue.
  2. My card expires 3 March 2022. I had done my renewal training last month to get ready for the renewal application. Then in yesterday's mail there was a letter from the Ill State Police advising me it was time to renew, so I log on and saw the magic renewal button and followed the instructions.
  3. I have a scanner so pdf. But if all you have is a phone take a good picture as the jpg format.
  4. How are the civil lawsuits progressing against the ISPFB on their failure to abide by the law?
  5. My CCL is coming up for renewal in early 2022. How early should I start the process and when can I actually apply for the renewal? With the backlog going on I am a little worried about getting caught up in that drama and then having to carry extra paperwork to show that I have done what I am supposed to do and that the state has dropped the ball.
  6. As of today, 22 Feb 2021, HR 127 still has ZERO cosponsors. It is going no where and had no support. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/cosponsors
  7. Check with these guys: https://donewrightgunrepairllc.com/#top
  8. So who is about the best stocked these days? I was out an Marengo and it is ok, but a shell of its former glory. I've heard Gat Guns is really low on stock, I have not been there in a while. I am in the market for a revolver and was wondering before I just start randomly start looking if there was a good place to start that has decent stock.
  9. You may only edit for a period of time after the original posting. Then at a point, I am not sure when, editing is no longer available.
  10. Those people are very disheartened and are talking about betrayal tonight.
  11. 60 business days since I applied for renewal was today and my status is still Under Review.
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