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AR info please


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For a first AR, a S&W as described above, or one of these. Whatever he gets, add sights and a white light, study up on maintenance, use decent brass cases ammo, and keep it we'll lubricated. There are lots of how to videos out there.


For a better, mid priced option, an Aero - or much better yet - SOLGW is wise.


Low end:



MUCH better:


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Love me some PSA.


Get a stripped or complete lower.....do NOT buy a complete rifle. heck, you can buy a complete lower and a complete upper at the same time. Just (at a minimum) make sure you remove the stock form the buffer tube before you mate them.

Or..buy a complete pistol lower.


You want your 4473 to say "other", not "rifle'.


Your first AR should be 5.56. The only problem with 5.56 is that it is naturally loud, and get louder the shorter the barrel gets.


I say this because, once you get on the PSA daily deal mailing list.....you WILL end up with more than one AR.

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