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  1. This looks like typical Illinois theater to me. All of the house members and senate members can now say that they voted to "fix the foid" without actually having passed the bill. Then in November, fix the foid can be a campaign issue if they need it to be, or they can ignore it. They then put forward the "refrigerator" FOID version which creates more government bureaucracy, which all Illinois politicians love because it lets them give more jobs to their buddies and allows the politicians to run on the ISP "may" create an electronic foid which "everyone" likes. See, we voted to "fix the foid" and now the ISP may create an electronic FOID when they get around to it! Everything is better now, vote for me! It's pure Illinois political theater, it's just missing Madigan forcing a floor vote on every single amendment to create a bill like he did with the concealed carry act.
  2. NakPPI

    Colt Sold to CZ

    I think it's pretty clear that CZ wanted Colts manufacturing facilities more than anything else.
  3. Much safer to withdraw something like this and avoid the lawsuits. If the ATF were to go forward on a questionable "regulation" and lose a lawsuit, it would expand 2A case law. You're not thinking fourth dimensionally.
  4. Then you would get a 2A challenge to the entire act because it would allow the denial of 2A rights indefinitely by the state police. Such a law would be "too cute by half" as stated in Ezell.
  5. If the court were to grant the injunction, the state would likely be forced to spend the money to comply with the existing law. If the State failed to comply, it would be followed by a what's called a Rule to Show Cause hearing (contempt) due to failure of the State to comply with the injunction. Rule to Show cause hearings can be nasty, it puts the party that failed to comply with the Court's order at the mercy of the court. Would the court enjoin the actual enforcement of the FOID card? That's unlikely, but just like everything else in Illinois, a rule to show cause order can be used as a club to wield against the legislature to address problems.
  6. Unfortunately that's not how constitutional law works. They chip away at very small issues then slowly those rulings get applied to other things. Heller was an outright ban on ownership of handguns for example. The next logical step would be the outright ban on carry or "may issue" permits. Assault weapons ban is also a good one because it bans an entire class of weapons based on their appearance and they are in common use as described in Heller.
  7. It would be incredibly stupid on his part to do that. It would immediately be challenged in court and would potentially expand current second amendment law.
  8. It's an ordinance violation. You get a ticket like you would if you didn't mow your lawn, etc.
  9. If I had to guess, this will be appealed to the supreme Court. The court's reasoning in upholding the ordinance was really thin, as outlined in the dissenting opinion. However, this opinion does confirm what we have always stated on this forum, limitations on handgun magazine capacity is preempted. Someone should sue Highland Park again.
  10. The Wombacher case needs to be voluntarily non-suited so that the Easterday opinion is the law. They need to suck it up and realize that for the benefit of everyone the Easterday case needs to stand as the final order.
  11. Yea... This is foolishness, TRO will likely be denied because money damages are available... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  12. Both cases are now in front of Judge Berrones, instead of Judge Marcouiller. Berrones is the judge that had Friedman before it was removed to Federal court. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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