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  1. MDA has a better PR campaign than any pro-2A organization.I believe it was 2 years ago that MDA had some "gun safety" event in a downstate county and invited the sheriff. Even the sheriff didn't understand that "gun safety" is a code phrase for "gun control."Yeah we whistle blew on that and caused some problems for MDA there lol
  2. Shannon sent that out and mentioned Hirschauer to claim it as a win if there’s. HB562 isn’t connected to MDA. Also yesterday, they needed a win after getting smoked in Texas w/permitless carry getting signed into law
  3. Who wants to break the news that the Hirschauer bill never made it to the senate and wont be going to JB? Oops
  4. If you’re not fighting for what’s right, you’re just making excuses for what you know is wrong. Nothing about this will prevent them from pushing for further legislation mandating fingerprints. Nothing. Pritzker and ISP Director are on record as supporting manadating and increased fees. News articles are going to still going to be published about how “this doesn’t go far enough.” ISP will come back wanting more money “to enforce what we just passed”, and they will only need 60 votes next Spring to make some or all of that happen. And Pearson will look like a fool, after giving some Republicans cover, or so he thinks, to vote for something that gets the Mom Demands of the world one step closer to what they really want. They’re not done. All of this
  5. So what did we learn today? To advance gun control, they’ll change house rules to allow remote votes The ISRA will help Everytown and gun grabbers advance the laws they want because it’s “”not as bad”” as original laws they lobby for (gun grabbers) 2A Republicans (Wheeler) will use emotional instances (like gun grabbers) to vote for gun control Democrats will lie (compromise) on bills (red flag) only to go further a session or two later Legal IL gun owners are the only ones that will feel an impact on this stuff
  6. Well, congrats ISRA!!! You helped Everytown and MDA achieve part of their goals. They’ll be back again next session to get everything they want
  7. I recorded Hoffman talking about how the ISRA is taking a similar position as MDA and Everytown if anyone wants it
  8. If the antis in the legislature vote no and 562 dies for now, it’s good for us all. It shows how unreasonable they are. That said, IF this happens, the ISRA doesn’t get a free pass. It wasn’t their intent. They got lucky (if it doesn’t pass)
  9. Non of this is about stopping crime. It is about controlling us period. They can't control us as long as we have firearms , thus the reason to slowly but surely implement these " gun laws " . Not to mention that this was supposed to be an experiment, yet 50+ years later, we still have it (it failed btw)
  10. They’ve supported it since it was enacted in 1967 and the former president back then (who was one of their lobbyists until recently) is on record as saying as such
  11. Oh? I would love to hear what was discussed......
  12. anyone check out the lopsided witness slips? Not that it’ll matter, but it’s a 4-1 average oppose/support
  13. Exactly. Optics is everything, and the ISRA screwed themselves here
  14. ^^^^ It’s better a bad bill passes and is tied up in the courts (1091 would be an easy challenge) than a watered down bill passes that can be harder to kill in the courts
  15. Aint that cute. Giffords Courage lobbyist based out of DC is filing proponent witness slips
  16. In all my years of advocating for Second Amendment rights some shotgunners are the hardest to reach. That’s simple as to why. Sport > rights
  17. The ISRA will be in for a very rude awakening (more so than they already are) if 562 passes. Considering they’re the state affiliate of the NRA, one would think the NRA would be having some tough heart to heart conversations with them right about now
  18. From the Aurora Sportsmans Club.....
  19. I guess I missed the compromise. Honest question, what did ISRA compromise on with the opposition? Just a question, nothing else. I get the same emails each Thursday, but perhaps I missed something. Attached is a screen shot of the witness slips for HB562. There were 6 “no position” slips entered and three of them were from the ISRA officials. This is the area of disagreement. As was stated above, it allowed our enemies to claim the ISRA did not object to the amendment … which Illinois Carry came out in opposition to. Optics are very important, and the optics here obviously gave our opponents in the ILGA a chance to spin things to their advantage during the debate on it
  20. The ISRA is effective when they need to be (especially with lawsuits, no doubt about that). They do need to adapt a little better to the times though, which includes realizing that compromises (I say that loosely) just delay the inevitable (like what the antis tried to do with the red flag law) and they need to be firm that NO is the answer. Isn’t it better to fight a very bad law in court instead of a watered down one that might not make a good case? ISRA also needs to see how the antis are marketing (socialMedia, etc) and copy it. All IL gun orgs do. That’s how to recruit and reach more people. Funding is an issue, I know (they are much better funded), but now’s the time to adapt to the modern era and learn a bit from our opponents
  21. People are extremely upset and want answers. Their membership will decline as a result and some outlets already are covering it (and not in a good light)
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