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    7.62 X 51

    Was at Sterling,IL Farm and Fleet tonight (1/14) and they had bout 90 boxes of 7.62 X 51 on the shelf. I think they were 20 round boxes. Sorry but I didn't look at the price since I don't shoot it. Eugene
  2. Per youtuber Guns & Gadgets, the ability to comment is still up. I checked and he is right. That raises the question if it is really withdrawn. Eugene
  3. Looks like this is what you could type in your browser address bar. http://illinoiscourts.gov/Opinions/recent_supreme.asp (under edit) Or just click on the link above. Eugene
  4. We weren't sleeping, we live for the adrenaline rush/work better under pressure. Eugene
  5. Hope the moderators don't go all nuclear on us and nuke the thread before we reach 7000. Eugene
  6. Question for you. This smiley... Is it some kind of alien mooning us? Eugene
  7. Where'd ya pull that rule out of? Eugene obeying the rule by questioning it
  8. I can help raise the total. Why do mermaids wear sea shells for bras? 'Cause B shells are too small and D shells are too large. Eugene
  9. Grrrr the name Sonya Harper didn't paste in my post. Sorry for the confusion it may have caused. Eugene
  10. I just googled this if you don't have it yet. It's from the ILGA site. Eugene Springfield Office: 276-S Stratton Office Building Springfield, IL 62706 (217) 782-5971 (217) 558-6370 FAX District Office: 4926 South Ashland Chicago, IL 60609 (773) 925-6580 (773) 925-6584 FAX
  11. I saw the email addresses. I was talking about the US postal service mailing address. Eugene
  12. Walmart in Freeport had several boxes of blue label Federal 9mm personal defense and good selection of most calibers except .22. Eugene
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