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  1. same boat - my physical foid has expire date 7/1/22 - but online portal says 2025 to match my CCL . Are they still trying to catch up on these "combined cards"? the e-card is not a suitable substitute. If somewhere will accept the e-card - they are going to ask you to pull up from the site - not just a screen grab.
  2. I was just at Range USA (Mokena) over the weekend and was asking them about the eCard and delay in combo cards being issued. I also have a physical foid card dated to expire next month, but my CCL and what it says online for my foid (including e-card) good till 2025. The employee said you can just use your CCL, and for e-card that they will ask you to load the ISP site on your phone in front of them - won't take a screen grab. Said they just had training on it. Curious if each location is handling it differently, i sometimes go to the one in Shorewood.
  3. Looks like Kee Firearms in New Lenox is still doing free 16hr. Classes. I have no personal experience with their classes.
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