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  1. That is exactly one of the purposes of the judiciary, to be a check on the other two branches and protect us from unconstitutional acts. 50.1% of the people supporting something does not make it constitutional. Having said that, Illinois voters do seem to be enamored of candidates who are authoritarian.
  2. It has been a while, took me three tries to get my password correct.
  3. I have a feeling the OP intended just that. Trolling? It's more likely either the OP wants a clear standard to follow or the OP wants an easy defense for a stupid action. How many discussions have we had here about "Can I shoot someone who's driving away in my car?" because some people didn't take "No" for an answer? i don't remember seeing one of those for a while. Is Chicagogunowner still around?
  4. It was mentioned above that Aurora has an AWB. That also includes a 15 round mag limit for firearms not in their ban. It is presumably not applicable to pistols due to state pre-emption.
  5. A quick question regarding the posted app. I took the family out to the movies tonight and I used the posted app to find a non posted theater. The first one I looked up was AMC showplace in Naperville and it says 'posting required per statute.' Am I missing something regarding the AMC showplace that makes it required to post by law?
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