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  1. Lol Your comment is almost discrete enough not to be an insult ALMOST !
  2. I am jumping for joy now that they are banning most of all the open burning ! I lived in Lake County for sixty years in Wadsworth, Russell, and unincorporated Waukegan And nothing irritated me more than having to turn on the central air at night and close my windows because some neighbor had a smouldering pile of yard waste blowing right in stinking up the house and making me cough and gag I like smoked bacon and a brisket but not smoked couch carpet and clothes Burning leaves smell good for about 15 minutes after that not so much !
  3. I am/was under the impression that this thread was about Beto O'Rourke being a disrespectful jerk during a news conference Which I believe he was . I did not say nor did I imply that O'Rourke's idea's/opinions on how to fix the issues were the correct way to do it I did say O'Rourke is right though that Gov. Abbott has done nothing to address all the shootings in the State of Texas Gov. Abbott has been busy pushing his agenda on making just about any type of abortion illegal in the State of Texas But what about the kids that are already here ? How about doing something to insure they will live long enough to have there own children
  4. So quote me. Ad in a bunch horse apples that I never said or implied Then put the site down at the end. This is almost a good passive aggressive rant !
  5. What I meant is that they are on the same level so Abbott doesnt deserve any extra respect from Beto its not like Beto is a lowly tax paying citizen or something and Beto is right nothing has been done about the issues As far as I am concerned there both A*& hats Why should anyone of them deserve any respect ? For winning a popularity contest ! For being the best BSer to get elected there are very few politicians that I have any respect for and neither one of them are included on my respect list
  6. And ? so what ? I dont like him but he was a congressman and he is running for Gov. If it was Gov. Pritzker being harrassed every one on here would laugh
  7. Well I for one do not believe Biden is that popular at all . I also think that the media does/did have it out for Trump. And with all that said its still not hard to believe that Biden beat Trump fairly as far as votes cast to each candidate
  8. I will never understand people that think the election was "STOLEN" from Trump ! He trashed talked said stupid stuff ect ect all the time how can people believe that the Dems needed to "STEAL" an election ???? And before you all start with calling me a left wing lib I voted for him twice ! But I will not vote for him in a primary he doesnt have a chance of getting reelected
  9. Whats it matter he is 79 years old If he ever sees the inside of a cell it will be a country club . and he is not going to rat out anybody so it will be business as usual in Illinois
  10. I did not notify Illinoy of my move to Arizona I do not know about Texas but Arizona does not notify Illinoy when you become a resident. My foid card and my D.L. show up as still valid in Illinoy although they both will expire in the next year or so My CCL expired two years after I moved to AZ. but Illinoy mailed a renewal form to my old address I know the people that bought our old house and they mailed it to me just for giggles. several people told me I should have renewed it at the time but I wasnt going to play that game
  11. They have reversed there minds again there putting the guns and ammo back out
  12. When you apply for a DL in your new state they will cancel your IL DL with the ISP. That I turn triggers the ISP to cancel your FOID& FCCL. Sorry for all those abbreviations. No that is not accurate A lot of states do not notify other states I have been in Arizona for over 2 years All I had to do was show them my IL. D.L. and proof of my address here ("light bill/cable bill") Then I had a AZ. D.L. My Foid and my D.L. are still active in Illinois Arizona doesnt even take your out of state D.L. card when you get a AZ. D.L. My CCl expired in March and it was still valid till then. I had been here 1 1/2 years by then update Just ran my foid card it is still active !! Wanna sell me a gun ?
  13. Lol Anyone want to sell me a firearm ? Just ran my foid thru the database it says I am approved !! I havent been a resident for almost 2 years Snicker Snicker yep Gotta love Illinoyz
  14. reckless driving is a class A misdemeanor in Illinois A regular speeding ticket is not even close to reckless driving unless a person speeds in excess of 35 mph over the limit reckless is similar to being caught street racing / drag racing
  15. How about firing there bosses that haven't made sure they are trained properly the grunt at the counter is only as good/bad as there boss lets them be
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