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  1. Yeah the compensator is on it
  2. I just got the rdp and assembled it and sighted it in and I must say its great the trigger seems better that the previous version the wasp site is pretty right on but I have never used an optic before so I cant really compare it to others here is a pic of my target at 10yards and a couple shot of the rdp itself. I put 3 clips though it it fires well no issues at this point Im pleased with the upgrade
  3. I has several felonies as a juvenile in the 80’s and have had a foid over 20 years now.when I applied for my ccl I kinda started freaking out. About it so I went to a print place and had them run my prints to see what showed up and within a week I got the report I’m the mail from the ISP and it was all clear I believe the prints were called access and review and it cost $40 I used biometric impressions in Aurora
  4. I just wasn’t sure if there was a different number for the background check. I called the foid division
  5. Is there a number I can call to try to speed it up? I called for my ccl and got them to push it through
  6. I also wonder if it has something to do with me getting a new foid number when I got my ccl in july
  7. I was at basspro the other day and a guy was picking up his gun and he said it was 11 days. I’m just glad I went in a got things started last Saturday but my hellcat is sitting there all alone just waiting for me
  8. I purchased a new gun and the FFL put in the background check last Saturday and its still not approved. how long has this been taking? is there someone I can contact to check?
  9. They will take pretty much the entire 90-120 days I have a friend with prints that went active at 89 days at the end of June and got it in the mail around July 10 I called back at the end of May about my daughters foid and while I was on the phone the guy asked if I had any other questions so I asked about my ccl at that time I was at day 63 and he said they really can’t do anything until it past the 90 day mark since they have to give the county or city time to object and to call him back after the full 90 and they could look into it so I did call back at day 93 and they pushed it through it went Qc virified before I even got off the phone within days it went actriveand I got it two weeks later so I would suggest waiting until you hit the 90 day mark before you call and be on hold for ever. Believe me I know it’s tough to be stuck in limbo it will
  10. Mine arrived today so it is Christmas in July applied March 31 so it took 111 days with no prints
  11. damn I thought it was Christmas I got something from ISP police today I figured it woube my ccl since it has a active date of 7-13 but it was my foid with the new number dated 7-14 wonder if the come from different departments oh well should be any day now kinda weird a friend got his ccl the other day and hasn't gotten the new foid
  12. the date on the ccl is 7-13 and the date on the foid is 7-14 prolly get it monday
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