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  1. I has several felonies as a juvenile in the 80’s and have had a foid over 20 years now.when I applied for my ccl I kinda started freaking out. About it so I went to a print place and had them run my prints to see what showed up and within a week I got the report I’m the mail from the ISP and it was all clear I believe the prints were called access and review and it cost $40 I used biometric impressions in Aurora
  2. I just wasn’t sure if there was a different number for the background check. I called the foid division
  3. Is there a number I can call to try to speed it up? I called for my ccl and got them to push it through
  4. I also wonder if it has something to do with me getting a new foid number when I got my ccl in july
  5. I was at basspro the other day and a guy was picking up his gun and he said it was 11 days. I’m just glad I went in a got things started last Saturday but my hellcat is sitting there all alone just waiting for me
  6. I purchased a new gun and the FFL put in the background check last Saturday and its still not approved. how long has this been taking? is there someone I can contact to check?
  7. the date on the ccl is 7-13 and the date on the foid is 7-14 prolly get it monday
  8. well damn I thought it was Christmas when I opened my mail thinking it was my ccl that came but its my new foid with the new number good new is they used me latest driver license pic do they ship from different places? I figured I would get the ccl first
  9. It’s the crack diet it really works LOL you would be amazed how much weight you will loose when all your teeth come out just kidding truth is I got a hip and knee replacement and was able to start moving and the weight came off
  10. Thanks well I hope they use my new pic since my current foid is when I was 120 heavier than I am now LOL
  11. Since my ccl went active today I noticed my foid number changed does this mean they will also send a new foid? My current one expires in 2023
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