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  1. Wouldn’t the ideal case be for a person, not otherwise disqualified from owning a firearm, who doesn’t have a FOID try to purchase a firearm and get denied ?? Thereby the State infringes on his Right to Keep and Bear arms.
  2. SO ... there must be a black market out there for deceased folks Active FOIDs that will result in un-traceable firearms ??
  3. How about we need a Religion Worshippers Identification Card before entering a church? Oh, can we also not ban some of those Assault Religions ?
  4. Gun Sanctuary seems to be catching on. A Police Chief in the state of Washington refuses to enforce new anti laws, and encourages others to do the same !!! https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/police-chief-refuses-enforce-new-strict-gun-control-laws-taken-3-public-oaths-defending-constitution/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=conservativebyte&utm_campaign=dailypm&utm_content=libertyalliance
  5. Madigan CONTROLS the Democrat House Members in those gun sanctuary counties !! A better strategy would have been to vote OUT of office all Democrats !!
  6. Just guessing that Pritzker did NOT win any of these “gun sanctuary” counties - YET he won Big in the state. He does NOT care about gun sanctuary counties !!
  7. Can we get all these counties to vote Cook County OUT OF THE STATE ??
  8. WILL / Does any of this make a difference ?? UNLESS and UNTIL Mike Madigan is no longer Speaker, and Unless / Untill IL becomes a Red (Republican) State ... Do you really think these county initiatives matter??? Im as hard core Right Conservative / Pro 2A as they come. Madigan does not care !! He knows he has Dem votes NOW no matter what. Pro 2A Dems MUST Leave Party and Vote Republican !! Only way for pro 2A to advance in Illinois !! ETA: ONLY way to Save this State !!
  9. Hindsight ... I know. But a suggestion to ALL to possibly avoid false Domestic Violence charges. Install a high-tech security system in the home WITH video covering all/most of interior. Long story made short: I had a girlfriend with here 17-18 year old son living with me. Relationship sometimes contentious, most contention being with him. One night an instance occurred between teenager and I where LE was called to the home. Teenager thought he could get away with false accusations towards me since I had a few glasses of wine that night and numerous firearms in the home (that was before the boating accident). Initially, LE seemed fairly eager to cart me off. I pulled-up the surveillance video on the home computer and BAM - they arrested and hauled off the not so bright teenager on DV and false accusation charges!! Saved my skin AND FOID!
  10. Hmmmm, open carry of a long gun for free OR classes and permit $$ Fees $$ for concealed carry of a hand gun?
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