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  1. Just wanted to mention I did have successful shipments to Chicago from Bud's Gun Shop for standard capacity magazines (15 & 17 Rounders) for example. Bud's emailed me back and said no issues with magazine shipments for standard capacity to Chicago.
  2. Hi IC and eveyone, I received an email earlier in the month to renew my foid. Have logged on and have not had the "Renew Foid" button available to me. My FOID and ILCCL are active with expiration date of "Covid19" on both. I then received a letter this week to renew my FOID. I again logged in to the ISPFSB Foid portal, and still same no changes no "Rnew Foid" is available, FOID and ILCCL active with Covid19 as expiration date. I did get this prompt today that said this below. I am confused, the email and letter say to renew but this prompt says otherwise? My FOID has an expiration date on the card for 4-1-2022. Do I need to call ISPFSB? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks it is what I will do. All the stores online have an IL state restriction and when you click on it, it lists Cook County, etc.
  4. A little off tops... Does anyone know who ships magazine with capacity of 15 or more to Chicago? i have been looking at various websites but they all restrict magazine up 10 round capacity for Chicago and or Cook County. The vendors view Chicago as Cook or list both exclusively. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  5. Thanks I'll look for it but with no preemption enough said. I live in Chicago.... I'll look for that thread just for curiousity. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Did not know we can lawfully carry a switchblade (automatic knife now). When did this happen and what are restrictions or limits. I was studying heavily for sown IT certifications and night classes with full time job. So I am now reading a lot of the IC posts and this caught my attention. Thanks in advance for the replies I get.
  7. Renewed & 3 hour cert submitted on 02-04-19 Expiration date 04-10-19 Original application was without prints. Now the wait starts... 120 days today and still waiting....
  8. Licensed received 97 days from paid to card in hand. No prints and paid 1-5 with a UBR stop on the process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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