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  1. IOW, blah blah blah, we don care if state law violates your rights or the US Constitution And also like "We're slaves to the state and we have to do what master says". I have no idea but can't the county vote itself to be home rule ?
  2. Would it work to pick a county and everyone send a request and a copy of what other counties are doing ? Maybe something nice saying we'd like to visit, spend money, maybe even move to a county that respects the Constitution and is run by Patriotic people. the worst that can happen is they don't respond.
  3. Way down south Wayne county should be easy, it's listed as one of the most Republican / conservative counties in America !!!! has voted R in every election since the mid 1800's. Next door is Edwards county which is very similar to Wayne. last Democrat they went for was JFK ( I think ).
  4. What were the prices on those CCI mini mags ? The 300 rd. pack was $ 29.99 but the 100 rd packs ( of the same stuff ) was $ 7.99. so you save $ 6.00 on 300 rds. total by NOT getting the bulk pack.
  5. Gander Mountain in Joliet had a bunch of CCI Mini Mag 100 rd. and 300 rd. packs as of this morning. buying 3 100 packs saves about $ 5.00 over the 300 rd. pack.
  6. If anything is to be learned from this it's the lesson of ALWAYS being aware of what and who are around us. The girl was so busy reading the video box that she didn't see it coming.
  7. That sick maniac should be charged with attempted murder. glad the girl is ok.It is a shame the the maniac did not get shot. That would have been nice, he was doing everything needed to get a mag dumped on him.
  8. That sick maniac should be charged with attempted murder. glad the girl is ok.
  9. Those fools are going to get someone killed with the GFZ crap, I'll bet criminals are thrilled about it. hopefully it goes nowhere.
  10. They may have an employee that is stocking up on his own stash, getting it set aside before it hits the shelf.
  11. I don't have anything to say but just had to post something.
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