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  1. You are of course correct that this never should have happened for all the reasons you state. If this was a private company it would never have been tolerated. But given the year in / year out performance of the ISP Firearms Service Bureau what can an Illinois citizen expect? They have had no problem violating the law in regard to the timely issuance of FOID and CCL. The Director can talk all he wants about his concern for license holders but color me old and cynical. The Legislature doesn't care either. They have let this situation exist for years without caring to get involved. Individual members of the legislature. have certainly been made aware of the situation by their constituents. It is my opinion that neither the upper echelon of the ISP nor the majority of the Illinois Legislature believe citizens should be allowed to carry a firearm. They were forced in to it by the courts. I just don't have very high expectations for an adverse operational audit to cause any significant real improvement in the performance of the FSB. I have never worked for state government but I suspect entrenched bureaucracy is resistant to change and difficult to fix. I reiterate my comment about the state's feelings in regard to citizens and firearms so I doubt if anyone who could have an effect on the audit findings has any real desire to do so.. I also doubt if the individual FSB employee cares if an Illinois resident is detained because of the conflicting wording. They certainly should but I question if they actually do.
  2. It appears the ISP is using the current version of the FOID card stock and simply changed the programming to print the desired new fields on the card. The current FOID card has the identical text on the bottom indicating the card does not authorize the carrying of a concealed weapon. This is of course confusing but not totally unexpected. Apparently the ISP is just using up the current inventory of unprinted FOID cards. Hopefully they will order replacement cards without the current statement on the bottom of the card.
  3. Roger Z


    Illinois Carry looks fine on my iPhone using the mobile Safari browser.
  4. As an additional data point, when I signed in this morning for the first time using TapaTalk on my iPhone, I received the same message milq received. Except I received four individual messages all indicating I signed in using Firefox. When I signed in for the first time via TapaTalk on my iPad this afternoon, I received three emails indicating I had just signed in using Firefox.
  5. Is this thread for new applications only or for renewal applications as well? If it is for both, posters should specify the type of application.
  6. As a result of the COVID-19 rules are CCL renewals submitted PRIOR to the effective date of the new rules currently being processed? I submitted my renewal application in early February and my status has been frozen at QC Verified since May 6th.
  7. Gander Mountain has been picky for me as well. I moved, got a new DL with the new address and changed my FOID address online. Tried to buy a shotgun at Gander and was turned down for the sale because the address on my new DL and my FOID didn’t match. They told me I would need to come back with a FOID with an address that matched my DL. That was 2005 and haven’t been back since. Won’t ever be either since this location is going out of business.
  8. Thank you very much for posting this fix. I was not aware of the page info feature of Firefox. I am using the identical versions of the software on a MacBook Air and this worked for me also. I believe you have more computer skills than you give yourself credit for.
  9. FYI - Tapatalk is working fine for me. iPhone 4s running ios5.1. Tapatalk version is V1.13.
  10. Hello, I’ve been having some problems with Tapatalk on my iPhone 4s (IOS 5.0.1) over the past few days. When trying to access the Unread forum posts, I get the following message: Cannot connect to forum This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator I deleted Illinois Carry from Tapatalk and reinstalled it. Prior to receiving the above error message, I got the following message: Compatibility Mode It appears the Tapatalk plugin in this forum is too old. Some features may not work properly. If you experience any issues please contact your forum admin to upgrade the Tapatalk plugin. Thank you. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks! Roger
  11. Representative District 50 Kay Hatcher Senate District 25 Chris Lauzen
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