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  1. Possibly heading up to Wisconsin on Thursday for a day trip with my soon to be college student daughter. Never carried outside of this state. Anything I need to know or watch out for? I will be carrying a 43X, oem mags. Most likely Lake Geneva area.
  2. Every time these clowns start the AWB talk I think maybe it’s time to invest in an AR again. Guessing I’m not alone.
  3. I live and work in Aurora and come into daily contact with a lot of different people. When the subject of politics comes up not a single person knew or thought Irvin was a (R). That says it all.
  4. Took my 18 year old daughter to the range** (again) just this past Tuesday. She’s been shooting since she’s been 8-9. These #@$&%#$! and their like will never get to her. My 25 year old is a Sgt in the USMC, a Master Gunner and a few other areas of responsibility. He is too far gone for them as well. I did something right. ** Off topic, but I have to give a thumbs up to Shoot Point Blank in Naperville. My kid has been shooting there since it’s been open and has always been treated respectfully and always welcomed. Great place to get the kids started.
  5. Looks like the extractor issue is not uncommon as Garand Thumb recently experienced the same issues. Not ready for primetime and bad QC to meet a price point?
  6. Been using Chip McCormick (CMC) magazines for 15+ years. Never an issue. Their Classic magazine is still under $20.
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