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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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According to the Derp Report, by 2025 64% of the parking spots in Walmart will be handicapped only and fire lanes moved to the back of the lot to increase parallel/curb stop parking. At that point The Scooter Store will be the official supplier of carts for WM, and will be equipped with touch pads so that shoppers can simply enter the items they wish to purchase while cruising the isles, and the store will fill the order and load the items into the customer's vehicle. I believe the administration is putting together a bill that will provide funding, including "Moto Stamps" and tax credits for those that purchase the chairs privately. Word may soon be coming down that Booze and Lotto tickets will be eligible for purchase using SNAP and WICK benefits as studies have shown the restrictions to be discriminatory.

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I have a beef with the Walmart shopping carts, the wheels will get a flat spot on them ( I think this is from the powered cart movers), and them Walmart will never fix the wheel - its really annoying.

It's actually from manually moving the cats more than the powered movers. Ever watch one of the employees bring in the long line of carts? The drag the rear to the side instead of steering them. Pulling them to the side wears a flat spot in the wheels fairly quickly.


I really hate their carts. They should be replaced more often.

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Wal-Mart mysteriously closed 5 stores and now there's a conspiracy theory explaining why




The retailer said it closed the stores in California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida due to persistent plumbing issues that could take as long as six months to fix. Officials in the five cities where Wal-Mart closed stores claim the company hasn't sought permits for plumbing work, according to ABC News. The UFCW — a labor group representing Wal-Mart's laid off workers — claims the company closed the stores in retaliation against workers organizing for better pay


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At 179 pages, you better rent the movie instead.

But, is the movie true to the book?

Where are the cliff notes? Jeesh

Cliff notes


Walmart posted

No they didn't

Yes they did

Let's write letters and make calls!

Good idea

I think it worked

The signs are down

Not here, yet

Yep more signs down

My store sucks, signs up, let's complain to corporate

That worked, signs down

I like Walmart

Did you wally walk when you're license came?

Wally walk complete

Oooh, oreos in different flavors

Pictures of weird people shopping

Mrs. Crabbypants isn't stocking the shelves

I endorse this thread with my full weight and authority

St Chas sucks, no 9mm

Bloomingdale is icky

Walmart news

Bring sausages, and horses

5000 posts on new years eve

Walmart news

Drinks for newbs, we have schnapps and PBR

Where are the cliff notes?

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