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  1. I am shocked it took until today for the first post in this thread for 2019!
  2. Thankfully those two patrons were there doing their wally walk!
  3. The first time I lawfully carried a firearm was very memorable to me, and no it wasn't a "wally walk" The first time I legally carried my sidearm was in PA, as I stood in front of the liberty bell @ Independence Hall! And no, I don't mean INSIDE the building (AFAIK you cannot carry inside the buildings/tours), I mean as I walked down the sidewalk in front of it! I'll NEVER forget that!
  4. Yea, so much for employees not carrying http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/09/14/employee-with-concealed-carry-permit-shoots-kills-armed-suspect-at-walmart/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  5. Only a few days, if it's still like it was in the beginning. Think the 'average' was like two or three days... Even further North to Chitcago!
  6. Agree. It could have been lost in the mail. I have seen plenty of lazy people who have no connection to a union. It amazes me how some people seem to think they know how to run an organization better than those who actually do the work even though they are not familiar with the process at all; or they assign characteristics to people they have never seen. It's all illinois. I got my Pennsylvania permit in 9 days through the mail 11 years ago. I read of others getting the permit in minutes if they applied in person. Yes I did mine in the mail the first time around too (before you HAD to do it in person), it was ~ one week door to door! Then when my LTCF expired they made it so you HAD to apply/renew in person; I walked in and spent TEN minutes (at most) inside. Walked out TEN minutes later with my new LTCF in hand!
  7. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/2-Men-Robbing-People-at-Gunpoint-on-CTA-Trains-388637562.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_CHBrand
  8. How many consecutive days though? They have 90/120 calendar (not business) days to comply
  9. This is the thread that never ends! It goes on and on my friend!
  10. Yep, here's a link from fox: http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/crime/164952994-story
  11. I have shopped at Fry's and never once has anyone ever even tried to detain me (I'd love to see someone even TRY)! They've asked to see it, I have no legal obligation to show them; "policy" or not - I never signed anything agreeing to this. It's a "courtesy", and in NO way legally required. Same thing happened at Tiger Direct before they shut down (long ago). Although at the time I want to say they did have a third party security company (guard) watching the door, he told me to stop that he had to check my receipt and whatnot and I said no, he said stop so for craps and giggles I did. He continued to try to search my bags and view my receipt to which I persisted - NO. It wasn't until he tried to literally pry my bag(s) out of my hands that I walked away from him and said that I did not steal anything and if he "though or knew I did he should call the police". The only places I know this may be different is where you do enter a legal contract with the company. Such as and for example, Sams club, or Costco; if you enter a contract with them for your membership and this is in there then yes, you MUST let them verify your bags / receipts etc... However, I am not bound to ANY company's "policy" if I don't sign anything saying I agree to it; such as Fry's or Tiger, or walmart! So good luck unlawfully searching me there! And even better luck illegally detaining me! You can think I'm a disrespectful ***** all you want, but what about the disrespect THEY started by demanding to check my receipt and rummage through my bag(s)! I do respect their right to make the "request", but that's all it is and can be; I'll carry on! I'll respectfully decline, if anyone lays a hand on me the "respect" will go right out the window, that's assault (any undesired bodily contact).
  12. I am NOT required to show my receipt or bag or items or anything as I'm leaving the store. There is nothing that lawfully says I have to. It's 100% voluntary no matter what their "policy" is, I'll say no thank you as I'm walking out the door (as I already do, because there are a lot of places that stop you as it is, some China-Mart's included). Same for the alarms, I know I'm no thief, they may not if they hear the alarm - but I have no legal obligation to stop for them to waste time out of MY day if for some reason the alarm goes of for me as I go through it, or it's me that they THINK is the cause. If you THINK I've stolen something, call the cops - lay a hand on me to physically detain me, and you'll be missing an arm by the end of the day; that I will then use to proceed to beat you with! heck, I'm the complete opposite - just the other day the cashier missed scanning an item and the total didn't sound right. So it was brought to her attention so that she could scan the item so that I could pay for it.
  13. (I presume) he's talking about this: http://abc7chicago.com/news/student-beaten-on-blue-line-says-bystanders-did-nothing-to-stop-attack/1315888/
  14. And that's why most stores have a "no hero" policy. Get better cameras and call law enforcement. Had a Walmart employee try to grab my bag when I was walking out one day - hadn't even crossed the detectors yet. They wanted to check my receipt and started to grab my arm. I told them if they put a hand on me I'll break it off and then press charges for assault. Store employees aren't law enforcement and have no business or right to touch or detain anyone. Sounds like what has happened to me a few times, they assume I'm going to let them ruffle through MY stuff, I don't think so. I think I've even used the same line, or close enough to it: "Touch me and I'll break your arm off and then beat you with your own arm, THEN press charges against you for assaulting me!"
  15. Don't forget the Target Trot http://www.animateit.net/data/media/august2009/th_hiding.gif
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