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  1. Now if only all the LEO agencies would let their own unruly children know what could happen to LEOs that still have the "We're the ONLY ones...." syndrome. There is a good chance this traffic cop is going to cost his department and city a lot of money for his attitude.
  2. If I recall, the biggest problem with getting the Florida permit is finding a police station that will do the fingerprint cards. Some do, some don't. And double check the instructions about filling out the agency's info......
  3. Beloved's CCW arrived in the mail today, applied 27 Feb. so we figure about 38 days, with prints. wally walk tomorrow morning!!!
  4. As far as how things are done at the DMV, the only way to fix that bowl-of-crap is to sit down with each DMV employee, ask them questions, and immediately fire any one that doesn't know his or her s**t, with loss of ALL pay and benefits, going back to date of hire. They haven't done the job, they get NO remuneration of any sort. Do this at one facility, and announce the next facility's interview date, and watch all the scurrying around to do things right. Impossible, but JMHO
  5. Exact same time frames, just a couple of days behind. It just dropped through the mail slot about five minutes ago. My first thought was "Thank you!!!!" to everyone involved at any level, and then for some reason, I thought "Wally walk!!!"
  6. Yeah, what Bud said...... United Front, ladies and gents, United Front. Personally, I do believe I will go to work happily, and do some shopping for the perfect set of holsters while I await Todd's work to appear. We're in the driver's seat, the anti's had their chance and blew it off. Now we can get it done right.
  7. Aw Crudniks. Here I am again, still unable to get any of these downloads and/or view-ables to work, with out getting a lot of gibberish. How about this? Could someone please list the source of references for all this info, and I can just wander over there to get the numbers I might need for conversations with politicos? I figure Ol' Coach found these somewhere, and did the digging for us, but it looks like I have to go sink my own shaft, since I can't access this here. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. (Translation: I'm a puter-dummy, dang this new-fangled machine)
  8. well this is a bummer, I tried to view this and got a page of goobledy-gook.
  9. Not to be a nit-picker, but I had a fun thought. Possibly for election cycle time in this state, on the first line where it starts out about the anti-freedom politicans and activitists, wouldn't it be a hoot to post the pictures of Daley, Durbin, both of the Maddigans. all the anti's and etc? Really point the finger at them for all the attacks in this state. (Real good, Kaeghl, be an armchair quarterback after the fact,,,,,)
  10. This is good stuff......now how best to get this seen by as many people as possible? C'mon folks , go grab your thinking caps and start throwing out ideas, or else this will just be 'preaching to the choir'.
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