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  1. Condolences to his family. Mr Glaze apparently led a mean, miserable life. I will not speculate on whether or not this contributed to his actions or beliefs. Let the man be at peace and allow his family to find their own peace in time.
  2. Then again, the idea of democrats changing to saying "you know, we are going to support 2A from now on." will sound exactly like what it is.... Another lie told by the anti-rights groups, only telecast by the anti-gun rights party. And America will know they're being lied to. Wouldn't do a dang thing for them, politically.
  3. Maybe she can hire that Binger person to represent her in court. He's probably going to be looking for a job here pretty soon. He can pick up a pistol and 'muzzle' the jury one handed this time.
  4. But then, what would the cut off for how and when to protect property, and what kind of property? For example... This cop is facing a boat load of trouble for shooting someone trying to steal her car....but... It is a fact, that until recently in Rockford, IF you were working in a shop/factory, and you saw someone just going through your toolbox, and had not actually gotten to the point of taking any tool out of it, you could beat the dog snot out of that individual in front of witnesses. We're talking broken bones and internal injuries. Babbit hammers had other uses besides bashing iron castings into place. Not to mention the uses of a fourteen inch long 1/2 inch drive breaker bar. The would be thief would be fired and thrown out the door. And IF the tool box owner were charged, the judge would automatically declare the tool box owner innocent and dismiss the case the moment he heard the words "I caught him in my toolbox, without permission." Yes, that did happen a few times over the years, the last time maybe seven or eight years ago. Rockford was a manufacturing town, and every judge knew 'how important a man's or woman's tools were'. "I'll loan a tool to you, but steal any tool from me, and I'll ugly you up so bad, your mother would throw up seeing your face." was the common attitude. So, value of property might determine what the court's response would be, but also the community mores and 'customs'. A beat down for stealing tools was a case of "I caught him stealing my tools and gave him his lumps....books balanced" vs. being shot for swiping a cop's car. Different values on property compared to different values on the thief's lives. This could be a fun topic for a while
  5. I kid you not..... I just read a blurb about kinzie-boi thinking seriously about running for President in 2024. Maybe he thinks everyone wants him to be the anti-trump again? Yes, I was laughing as I typed that. Talk about being totally non compos mentis. It's for comic relief, right kinzie-boi?
  6. I heard on the radio that he "was disappointed with the leadership", so he's not going to run again. Yeah........ right.......sure thing, son. He knows he took a dump in the potato salad with the IL GOP. The taint of "backstabbing traitor" has followed him from the day he turned anti-GOP and anti Trump. He'd be beat in the primaries by a turd wearing a hat, and he knows it. He has no integrity, so he wants to save his pride. Lot of good that will do him when he headlines a show on CNN. JMHO
  7. Now if only all the LEO agencies would let their own unruly children know what could happen to LEOs that still have the "We're the ONLY ones...." syndrome. There is a good chance this traffic cop is going to cost his department and city a lot of money for his attitude.
  8. Good. Now, make sure the local judicial system admin refunds any and ALL fines paid out by the victims, the McCloskeys. And just to make sure justice is met, indict, try, convict and sentence the whole district attorney's office and staff for their actions to falsely imprison an obviously innocent couple for political gain. 20 years in State prison with million dollar fines each sounds about right.
  9. Either you are being facetious or you are ignorant on the way that dogs are trained to alert to odors. Kinda facetious about the Hoppe's #9 and bacon grease. But yes, quite a few 'drug' dogs were addicted to the various odors of the narcotics they were 'trained' for. It was the quickest and easiest way to get a dog to alert on a drug, even though cruel and almost unethical. I didn't way it was the best, or only way to train a dog, just that it was the fastest way to get a dog to work. The turnover in dogs could be fierce over time. You could never tell when a dog was done with the industry, or 'lost it's nose'. Hopefully, it's different now. But then I have no idea of the process these days, just what it was in the olden days. My original post should have specified more clearly that my exposure to the industry was from decades ago. The owner of the dog service that 'screened' the Sears Tower in Chicago for just one of his contracts (for explosives) did take me on a tour of his vaults and bunkers. I wasn't allowed past the cage doors to the drug vaults. The paperwork would have been ridiculous, let alone the possibility of losing his multiple licenses, apparently. The people that keep track of those things in those places are serious. Very very serious.
  10. "Firearm Detecting Dogs".....yeah, right. Perhaps IF you cleaned and lubed your 1911 with bacon grease...... One of the easiest and quickest ways to train a 'drug' dog to alert on an odor, is to get the dog addicted to the substance that makes that odor. Every 'drug' dog up until maybe the late 1990's to the early 2010's was an addict to weed, heroin, meth, etc. Cruel, but efficient. Now what, someone has addicted a beagle to Hoppe's #9?
  11. Excellent point... Might I recommend a "Meijer Meander"? or a "Rural King Stroll"? or better yet, a "Mom and Pop's Local Gun Store Hike"? I haven't been to Wally or Sams for more than a month now....I paid off my credit card bill to them last month, I owe them nada. They will never see me nor my money there again.....Wally can go bankrupt for all I care.
  12. Hi there, what's up? Hello? anyone here? Guess not, ah well......off to wally world I go.
  13. Okay, one takeaway from this "armed shoppers are hampering our investigation" noise. Should you be in Wally World and you have to draw-in-place during a shooting somewhere in the store.... ,,,,,,Take a moment to stare directly into the ceiling camera bulb so you can be seen and dismissed later. Problem solved. Now to go do my 487th Wally-Walk today.
  14. There a a couple of good terms to use "The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall" If that doesn't work, try "John has a long mustache, John has a long mustache."
  15. Yeah, that twit used a Bloomberg article for a reference. She's either an intentional or unintentional LIAR. Disregard at your own convienence
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