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  1. Now if only all the LEO agencies would let their own unruly children know what could happen to LEOs that still have the "We're the ONLY ones...." syndrome. There is a good chance this traffic cop is going to cost his department and city a lot of money for his attitude.
  2. I was talking to a guy I used to work with back in ill-annoyed. He said he was getting his carry permit re-newed. All he had to do was go online to the IL State Police website and fill out a couple of forms for it. No classes, no shooting requirement, just update any info and he'd be golden. Did someone get rid of the required renewal class and certificate whoop-la to renew? Or is my friend getting hoaxed and possibly ripped off? I'd appreciate any direction and facts on this.
  3. WAIT. Consider, when you do get your CCL, you will have to use your new address, too. A CCL address different from your FOID address is just one more little, itty-bitty thing to possibly delay your CCL later. From what I've been reading, why add another six weeks to the built-in delay everyone is having, anyway? Hold off on getting the FOID until you have your new address, and not worry about thing that could pop up as a problem. Also, why pay double for the FOID. for the new corrected address card? JMHO
  4. Good. Now, make sure the local judicial system admin refunds any and ALL fines paid out by the victims, the McCloskeys. And just to make sure justice is met, indict, try, convict and sentence the whole district attorney's office and staff for their actions to falsely imprison an obviously innocent couple for political gain. 20 years in State prison with million dollar fines each sounds about right.
  5. To get that reaction, I'd almost bet he texted "BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE" like that one scene in the cemetery from Porkys II. (picture if you will, multiple pansies soiling themselves and crying while running for a safe space to get the good coloring books and blue-est colored crayons.) It's settled then, San Fran is home to the most abject failures of those trying to be adults in the country. What a bunch of woosies.........if they breed and reproduce, we're doomed.
  6. It's fitting that the Fast Track project sited in the article was from NYC. Politics being what they were at the time, the "Sullivan Act" of New York was blatant racism in it's foulest form. It was loudly touted to be the answer to the problem of "foul, degenerate, illiterate gangsters, the mentally incompetent, general dregs of society and habitual inbred criminals" getting their hands on guns and befouling the civilization and beauty of the city of New York. Just who were the degenerates, gangsters, criminals and sub-human types the law targeted? The Irish, of course. Blatant racism indeed. De Blasio obviously read a history book along with Mein Kampf, Mao's little red book and Marx's manifesto. jmho
  7. Here's a chuckle. I just got a text from "Katie", who is texting me as a happy joyful campaign worker for Kinzinger, who is 'working hard for me in D.C. Apparently she wants me to support his campaign in IL for winning the primary challenge he's facing so he can continue "Working hard for me in D.C." I explained in a return text the I have left IL, and were we still in Ill-annoyed, we'd be campaigning heavily for Lauf. Kinzie-boy lost all credibility for us with his votes on HR8 and the impeachment scam vote. I invited her to learn about her candidate, and get out quickly, lest she be tainted by association with a loser RINO. I know, no one reads replies, but it was entertaining to type back and smile as i hit 'send'.
  8. Walmart still sells ammo? I hadn't seen any there for months. If they're still that scared of bloomberg after all this time, I'm wondering what else he could do to America.
  9. Like anyone here expected anything else from cnn? C'mon, man.....just buy a shotgun.....buy a shotgun...
  10. Either you are being facetious or you are ignorant on the way that dogs are trained to alert to odors. Kinda facetious about the Hoppe's #9 and bacon grease. But yes, quite a few 'drug' dogs were addicted to the various odors of the narcotics they were 'trained' for. It was the quickest and easiest way to get a dog to alert on a drug, even though cruel and almost unethical. I didn't way it was the best, or only way to train a dog, just that it was the fastest way to get a dog to work. The turnover in dogs could be fierce over time. You could never tell when a dog was done with the industry, or 'lost it's nose'. Hopefully, it's different now. But then I have no idea of the process these days, just what it was in the olden days. My original post should have specified more clearly that my exposure to the industry was from decades ago. The owner of the dog service that 'screened' the Sears Tower in Chicago for just one of his contracts (for explosives) did take me on a tour of his vaults and bunkers. I wasn't allowed past the cage doors to the drug vaults. The paperwork would have been ridiculous, let alone the possibility of losing his multiple licenses, apparently. The people that keep track of those things in those places are serious. Very very serious.
  11. "Firearm Detecting Dogs".....yeah, right. Perhaps IF you cleaned and lubed your 1911 with bacon grease...... One of the easiest and quickest ways to train a 'drug' dog to alert on an odor, is to get the dog addicted to the substance that makes that odor. Every 'drug' dog up until maybe the late 1990's to the early 2010's was an addict to weed, heroin, meth, etc. Cruel, but efficient. Now what, someone has addicted a beagle to Hoppe's #9?
  12. Well, someone at CNN just got fired after letting this get out. "How dare anyone here at CNN NOT cover for the fearless leader?" /maybe purple, maybe not/
  13. And last night, I received a robo-call from kinzinger's campaign. It was his recorded voice telling me how good he's doing for IL, and yada yada, yada. This call on the same day I received an election poster/ad telling me how great this and that people are and how I should vote for them in this upcoming election,( all for Harlem Township in Winn. county). I moved to Georgia last year. It can't cost that much to at least look at the address and cleanse the lists for out of state 'leads'. Just another example of the general incompetence of politics and political organizations in IL.
  14. Gee, I could turn all my guns in for cash money, and not have to take them out on the river to have that tragic boat accident,too. Tell the confiscation teams to check the Buffett foundation's records, they bought them 'back'.
  15. Welcome, LouW, c'mon in and have a seat. As to your questions and concerns, everyone so far is correct. The only thing I might add is to remind you to look at the ability to control the firearm. That is where physical size of the shooter's hand and the grip come into play, along with the ability to control the recoil of round fired. The only way to know this is to actually try shooting the firearm(s) you're looking at, and go from there. So, yes, try going to a store that has gun rentals and a range, take a note book with a listing of what you're wanting to try and take notes on comfort, recoil, control placements, etc etc etc. I mentioned comfort. For example, I love the reliability of a Glock, but the grip actually hurts my hand. I have a loose bone chip in there from a football injury, and after two shots, I'm in pain for a day. So, glocks are out, for me. If I can't practice with it, I don't want to carry it. Now, a full size Beretta 92 is like a pillow in my hand, but is a bit big for carrying. Here again, I'm considering comfort, size of the gun, size of the grip, etc etc etc before I even think about caliber. That's just an example, and not something carved in stone for everyone. Then look at 'can I work the controls, open the cylinder easily, rack the slide, reach the mag release, yada yada yada?' All this goes in the notebook, so you can later make that decision. So now you might see why I suggest firing the gun before buying it, or some other make/model/caliber/etc etc etc. Sorry for the long winded (long typed?) paragraph, but well, take it for what it's worth. Again, welcome to a very diverse pro-carry site, you'll find it enjoyable here, I believe.
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