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  1. I was wondering would I be able to go into a gun shop with my mom and purchase a handgun at 17 with my FOID card and with my mom who is my sponser for my FOID? Would it be acceptable since im with my parent who co-signed for my FOID, but doesnt have a FOID for herself? Or would my mom also have to apply for her own FOID card for me to acquire a handgun with her? I know you have to be 21+ to purchase a handgun, but it that also for FOID card holders at 17/18 years of age?
  2. No, I don’t believe so. How would we notarize it? On the bottom of the form it says “Notary Public”, but she wasn’t able to sign that line.
  3. Ive applied for my FOID card a while ago but got denied twice 2x for Failure to sign/notarize Guardian Sponsorship Affadavit. As I am underaged and would need my moms permission/ signature on an pdf form for the online application. On the online form though, my mom has signed her printed name, signature, date, and application number on the opened tabs for the pdf. But I keep getting denied for that exact reason, ive been trying to reach ISPFSB through the phone with no success, what should I do? Below is the signed pdf
  4. So basically if you have a license they should have that information on file and you can use that for your picture (though you'll still have to send something in I believe). Since you're a minor, you do have to call. You may need to have your parent/guardian call...not sure. When you do call, eventually you'll get on hold (not that extremely busy line where it disconnects you) and then you'll get a person. Follow the advice above and you're good to go. Complete application over phone, sign what they send, mail it back and you'll be set. Okay thank you! How long did it take to get approved?
  5. I was wondering am I able to get a FOID card at 17 years old with parental consent in Illinois?
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