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  1. My FOID application was denied in October 2019 on a +5 mental health prohibitor. I did some research then which left me discouraged with questions I did not know how to answer. I found this place very recently, and after my wife purchased her first handgun, I thought it was time to take another look into the appeal process. So after reading the threads on FOID appeals, I am encouraged that some of my questions have been answered. But I have others to ask. I thought I would put all questions in a list, and let you good people correct any mis-impressions I may have, and answer the ones I haven’t yet. 1. My first question was who meets the definition of a “qualified person” to do the required examination. My psychiatrist refused and I was unsure my therapist met the requirements. She’s a Masters educated LCPC and I found that answers here. Thank you. I have an appointment this week. 2. I also found several more forms that I thought needed to be filled out. Seeing the list Molly posted, I see no requirement for a personal statement like the directions I had found. If anyone can confirm/deny that as a need, oh please do! 3. On a related note, if a personal statement is required, I ask you please to advise what level of candor is most to my advantage? I think too much detail would provide more general reasons to uphold a denial while a sterile, clinical description might not be detailed enough to overturn it. Where is the happy medium? 4. I note all materials must be sent to the state police, and that the MH exam must be the original form. I am assuming that my stuff and the MH must be sent separately, and that I can have a copy of the exam. 5. Another requirement I had found was a personal letter written by an adult familiar with me as a personal reference. But I did not see that form among Molly’s links. Is it a requirement? Thanks in advance for all input.
  2. Ex-husband owns the rifle. I’m appealing a FOID denial (+5 mental health prohibitor, will cover this in another topic, I know there’s a lot to read yet).
  3. Greetings all. This is my first topic, kindly excuse my ignorance. I do not have a FOID card, but my wife does. My stepson is a county deputy and lives with us. My SIL recently finalized a divorce from her ex (not an evil guy, just a loser) whose card is revoked. She wants to move a rifle out of the house. Can my wife keep the weapon at our house without transferring ownership, or should it be surrendered to LE? If its surrendered, how complex is the process to reclaim it?
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