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  1. But some ARE the problem. Cuomo and DeBlasio moved their undesirable criminals, gang members, and mentally ill to smaller cities around the state. Spikes in violent crime, petty crimes, assaults, property damage to low-income housing, and filthy public spaces ruined several red counties where I have relatives. Just one more way that Democrats give the middle finger to "deplorables".
  2. I saw an explanation of being well regulated on a history program about the British fleet. Since sailing ships required many hands to operate, British sailors were a diverse lot. So Admiral Nelson trained his cannon crews until muscle memory would carry them through the chaos of battle smoke, flying splinters, and death. Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar was achieved because their training achieved a rate of fire every 90 seconds per cannon- versus 3 minutes for the enemy. Being well-regulated like a watch mechanism was the key to surviving naval battles, and a much different meaning than "follow all the rules that we set forth for you". The Founders knew that defending against a well-trained British army or a home invasion while asleep would require similar survival skills. But gun grabbers discourage training, don't they?
  3. The message should be that many good guys ARE available to protect these children at school, BUT manic unstable Democrats demand that children not be exposed to police or armed security "because traumatized". Expose their agenda to have kids and moms fear the police, preventing kids from feeling safe and protected by friendly police. The left's message and agenda are allowed to fester without challenge and schools remain vulnerable because of those policies.
  4. $6 trillion for "infrastructure" but no tax credit for Americans who purchase gun safes that they claim would save so many lives? Must be an oversight, or malarkey.
  5. We could probably start a list of smells that are common to smash-and-grab looters.
  6. It seems like elitist white supremacist policies in New York State kept those black shoppers at Tops Market in Buffalo defenseless. Better make sure everyone nationwide gets treated the same. Even disgraced Governor Cuomo said "conservatives are not welcome here" (which would apply to anyone desiring full 2nd Amendment rights). Blue cities - where no one is safe, especially when Gropey Joe needs big distractions.
  7. A reminder of Chicago friends, repeat mission trip workers to Haiti, who were dining at a Haitian restaurant one evening. A table of elitists started berating the owner of the restaurant for running out of goat meat (an ironic bit of realism). "How dare you? We drove all this way!" (all of 3 miles from Lincolnwood to Rogers Park). We can be thankful for Democrat campaign signs that help identify where entitled liberals have moved in - like our new neighbors. They saw us spraying a creeper weed with vinegar/Epsom salts/Dawn and ran over to ensure it wasn't Roundup. This concerned-for-the-environment neighbor later decided to plow under a privacy thicket on our property line without warning, taking one of our surveyor stakes with it. Their high-strung dogs disturb the peace, too. And yes, she drives a Prius with enviro-social-justice bumper stickers.
  8. Isn't Kamala Harris the expert on, ahem, "pneumatic" effects on the human body? 😂
  9. Saw this article today. Note where NPR was called out for stretching the truth. Number of mass school shootings
  10. Lake County - where one county executive single-handedly canceled the long-running Civil War Reenactment weekend that brought participants from many states. Never mind that 20% of Lake County men folk went off to fight for the Union, but memorializing that is racist.
  11. Or the story could have been: "Kamala Harris visited Buffalo to criticize the State of New York for white supremacist elitism that kept those black shopper defenseless. This systemic racism must STOP!"
  12. Bring many ineligible out of state friends to vote for Pritzker or Irwin.
  13. Aggressively pointing fingers like a gun used to be cause for suspension from school - you know, a sign of violent tendencies.
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