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  1. Spelling is a bit different, but no, you are not alone...
  2. There should be two tabs, one for House, other for Senate. Most likely you are looking at the Senate's one where 1977 should be (other bills are House's)
  3. www.shawarms.com No tax, $14.99 flat rate shipping, one box or a pallet. At checkout, there is a place to upload FOID image (no state ID is needed, seemingly). I got into a habit to upload eCard snapped just before I submit the order. Note: I am outside Chicago but in Cook. My friends in the city are ordering constantly with no issues.
  4. Edited to remove redundancy: found separate discussion started by Molly B here: Wonder why could not find it earlier...
  5. Was about to start a new topic, but looks like this one is the right place. Around mid-2022, ISP extended my expiring FOID to match expiration of my CCL. Few minutes ago, received what looked to be an automated SMS (with a shorter version), and the following email from ISPFSB: ---START--- Illinois Firearms Services Bureau <do-not-reply@globalnotifications.com> 3:51 PM to [me] This is to inform you that as a result of the background check associated with your recent firearm purchase, because you have fingerprints on file for this purpose, your FOID was renewed for up to 10 years from the date of the approved transaction. Please visit your Applicant Portal Dashboard to view your current expiration date and to see your eCard. Because FOID and FOID/CCL combination cards no longer have printed expiration dates, you will not receive a new card. Please see our frequently asked questions at the same website for the latest information on this and other FOID and CCL matters. ---END--- When logged in to the portal, expiration showed 1/23/33, or 10 years from today. They added a few days to "up to 10 years from the date of the approved transaction" (goodies were picked up last week, after the FFL confirmed background checked a few days earlier). If this info is not relevant anymore, please delete.
  6. Done. Looks like they made a typo: "SUBJECT MATTER ON: Amendments to HB 4664 and HB 5471, etc."
  7. Saw them on opposition side for 12/15 hearing while filling out my slip (did not check 12/12)
  8. Thank you! Will use this during my attempts to "s[h]lept" the wokes...
  9. All banks have notaries on premises. Should be free of charge for patrons. Sent using Tapatalk
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