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  1. As Molly and others have pointed out, it's 30 days for initial approval. They were two weeks late in issuing their approval. I've been joining Illinois gun groups, but what exactly would money for Illinois Carry do? I'm new to the forum this year, but I've only seen a couple of allusions to some challenge to the state gun dealer law that doesn't involve a lawsuit.
  2. Day 34 and still "Under Review." No response from the email contact form, and the "customer service" line just rings until it hangs up. But who really cares about the Constitutional rights of those icky gun people, right ISP?
  3. I don't really care about FSB's manpower problems. ISP is mandated to make this deadline and fails to do so. They could issue temporary FOIDs as they complete the check, streamline the process, contract it out, or any of dozens of possibilities to meet the deadline. If this were about something minor we could let it slide, but this is -- as others have no doubt ranted before -- and infringement on a Constitutional right. I've got a squeaky clean background, high-level clearance, etc. Perfect for a lawsuit to challenge this nonsense.
  4. For crying out loud. Wait two months for your Constitutionally-protected rights. How has this survived judicial scrutiny?
  5. Well, ISP is taking it right up to the 30-day deadline for my FOID application (new, not a renewal). That got me wondering -- what happens if they go another four days without taking action? Is there relief available? Has anyone experienced this and taken them to court or applied for other relief?
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